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What DBD devs can learn from Rocket League

OpenYoureyesOpenYoureyes Member Posts: 111
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Two totally different games, but I would be happy if BHVR would hire someone from Psyonix, for the following:


We have alot of discussion in hitboxes and frankly they are in a very bad stage that will not automatically improve with ded servers.

In RL hitbox science is very accurate and the community cares alot about that as it is the fundation of the game.

Different cars have different hitboxes that brings to different roles/playstyles: imagine having surv having hitbox differences, killers hitting in different ways AND a 90% reliability between the visual feedback and the actual swing/hit.

Even if few glitches may happen, the way in which the collision is managed even with different pings of 4/6/8 people hitting everything at the same time is outstanding.

A lot to learn there.


The ranked system in RL is VERY complicated (if yiu want to see how much here os a reference https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/8qvbwf/how_mmr_and_the_ranking_system_works/?st=JIDIUXYT&sh=dcaee839 ) with some mysteries behind on which the community is still discussing about but apparently it grants very balanced matches most of the times and keeps players engaged for hours/days/years.

It doesn't match people only based on their rank but also on some individual hidden values.

And of course you have meaningful rewards at the end of each season based on your rank AND rewards based on exp/level AND punishments for DC AND half-working automatic ban system.

All things this game desperately needs.


  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 8,051

    Then wouldn't female survivors be meta because they always have a smaller body? What about Male survivors?

  • thedevalexthedevalex Member Posts: 283

    Laurie was meta for 360ers for a while when she released because she had such a slim hitbox

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,656
    1. what NMCKE said
    2. RL still has diffrent modes than only "ranked"
  • DaS_onlyDaS_only Member Posts: 656

    Females survivors are already meta, easier to hide. Now, guess why people complain more about Blendette than Adam or tap

  • OpenYoureyesOpenYoureyes Member Posts: 111
    edited July 2019

    1) Exactly.

    Female are already meta with the downside of bigger chars not having any difference (advantage?) in playing them (e.g. headshots instadown -> hag is short -> cannot instadown taller characters... )

    So many variables could be possible with a 2019-level hitbox / hit detection system...

    2) RL has also unranked, so what? I am focusing on how the ranked system works there and how better it is under any perspective compared to the dbd one.

  • ReddRedd Member Posts: 826
    edited July 2019

    At peak times for DBD Rocket League still has more than twice the number of players as DBD on Steam alone; and they don't have to deal with asymmetrical teams. DBD could not get away with the same kind of matchmaking.

    This doesn't mean DBD couldn't have better matchmaking though. They certainly need to improve whatever they are doing.

  • Slay___Slay___ Member Posts: 873
    edited July 2019

    While I agree on the hitboxes, RL isn't perfect.

    I only play ranked 1v1 on it and the forfeit option is being used way too often, and even before that becomes available for use they can just leave the game and get some sort of punishment. Since I don't leave games I don't know what that might be.

    But in RL I encounter way more quitters than in DbD, be that forfeit option or just plain disconnecting from the game.

    But the ranking system is very good, might even go as far to say it's better than anything I have seen, for example CS:GO.

    The seasons (rank reset) are longer, you do not instantly gain a rank but have to play 10 games before you get a visible rank, while you are getting there you still get matched with equal rank opponents anyway and can get an idea where you might get placed after those 10 games.

    Rewards are a good way to stop deranking in most cases and with longer seasons they are meaningful too, if you would get rewarded monthly it wouldn't be that great.

  • OpenYoureyesOpenYoureyes Member Posts: 111

    Thanks for contribution :)

    I do feel the same about RL ranking system.

    When you dc you get a timeban that is 5 minutes the first time, 10 minutes the second, and then doubles every time you do it, even if you do it after weeks.

    Also if you get banned for misbehaving it sums up to your DC penalties and you can easily get a 1 day / 1 week ban very quickly: is not uncommon to i meet people to be forced to buy the game on a new account because they got banned for weeks/ months.

    And since you get alot of cosmetics very quickly on your account people really care about their main account.


    What really baffles me is the way in which it seems impossible to have a normal hitbox system in dbd while there are games like RL that are practically BASED on the hitbox accuracy and how the hits are managed according to different pings to the extent that you never feel the game is going in the wrong direction for a "hitbox/lag injustice".

    I would really enjoy to say something like this for dbd.

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,540

    Laurie has always had the same hitbox as the other survivors. All survivors share the same capsule, it was never resized based on which survivor you were playing.

  • OpenYoureyesOpenYoureyes Member Posts: 111

    Yap, and the capsule doesn't even reduce while you make gens right?

    That is how you get hit 30cm above your head by hatchets...

    @Peanits is there any plan to make the hit recog system in line with 2020 videogaming industry?

    And to make the ranking more useful amd engaging?

    Thanks for your eventual answer.

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