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Minecraft is rising in popularity again!



  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,174

    Played years ago when I was younger (was actually a Beta supporter) but haven't tried it in ages (I'm now old). My friend has a VR system and his kids have Minecraft for it. 1: VR Minecraft was a blast. 2: VR Creepers are a danger to anything valuable in the house that can be damaged from a thrown VR headset!

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 3,179

    I hope Ssundee gives try to a little bit of Mincecraft again since his break, I used to watch him all the time before he spammed Fortnite videos for money, I just wish he played different games, Call Me Carson got me real set in Minecraft.

  • blue4zionblue4zion Member Posts: 1,460

    Me and a friend tried to build a "working" dbd match, we modeled the map after Lery's Memorial Institute. Getting the gameplay somewhat similar was difficult but we made it work.

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