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Lets talk about gen time

ShyN3koShyN3ko Member Posts: 1,616

I just burned my grapic tablet pen, so I played DbD.

I had a little break.

After 20 games, I had no fun experience, because the gen time is a absolute joke.

Ok and I had 30 hate comments under my steam profil, but this is another story.

Killers must have map pressure, but I have the feeling that this isnt possible.

1 survivor could make 5 gen in ~500 seconds without perks and items.

500 seconds are 8 min.

So after math, the killer must hook every 40 - 60 seconds a new survivor.

With the animations, the actual gameplay is 30 - 50 seconds long.

This is just insane.

And for killers like, Ghostface,Myers and Trapper is this rly bad.

This killers must prepare, before they chase survivors.

With this much time pressure, its just rly hard vs competent survivors.

What do you guys think?

Btw sry for my bad english.


  • FarlanFarlan Member Posts: 11

    I'm a Trapper main and I have zero trouble with this, I don't prepare by placing traps early on I just get someone in the basement quick as possible and throw a trap down and then go break gens until some idiot steps in it. Map pressure isn't a thing that some killers can or can't do, you just gotta put the practice in

  • BloodyTappBloodyTapp Member Posts: 108

    I think dull totems should just be paid more attention as a secondary but only optional objective. That's what I guess devs were trying to achieve with standardizing NOED's expose and now emblem points for cleansing dull totems. Survivors ask for a secondary objective as often as killers, yet complain about NOED being uncounterable

  • The_TrapperThe_Trapper Member Posts: 186

    Killer main here.

    Survivors don't deserve longer gen times because that would be so boring for them, that's reasonable. The game really needs a second objective after gens, like placing fuses in the exit gate switch.

  • ShyN3koShyN3ko Member Posts: 1,616

    The complete gamplay need a rework, in my opinion.

    Gens as objective must change.

    They are rly boring and I know that.

    I dont like more gen time, too.

    But finishing the main objective in 8 min as solo survivor is just insane.

  • JagoJago Member Posts: 645

    But you dont put in your equation the time to rescue someone, the time to heal, having an immersed Nea hiding or taking chests etc...

  • ShyN3koShyN3ko Member Posts: 1,616

    4 survivors alive

    1 survivor doing the gens

    The other 3 playing with the killer

    After 8 min 5 gens are done

    I dont must add this time, because its a 4 vs 1 game.

  • Captain_DoomsdayCaptain_Doomsday Member Posts: 175

    It's agreed that it's an issue, but consider how boring holding M1 is.

    So, I have two suggestions:

    1) Make scavenging parts for some generators part of the repair process. On the reddit, a counter-arguement was that this favors camping Killers too much without them having a secondary objective, as well, so I'll suggest letting them "pocket" ONE of the multiple items around, susceptible to dropping when pallet stunned.

    2) Make toolboxes not speed up gen progress, with a buff elsewhere to compensate if necessary.

  • prettyfprettyf Member Posts: 442

    i think the another problem is you couldn't killed survivors in 8mins part

  • DarkskiesDarkskies Member Posts: 895

    Trapper mains plz i had a daily took me 4 games by the time i set up 3 gens get done 🐷☹️ do i need corrupt to make it less crazy any tips most appreciated 🐖❤️

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