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shadow3989shadow3989 Member Posts: 6
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so i was checking out ghostface customisations and i noticed that if you equip the devil face mask with the body of the regular ghostface, the hood section of the body skin has two holes in the top to allow the devil horns to poke through.

An idea for bunny feng min was that you could have a headgear with her hair, and the body with the hoodie down and when they are combined, they would have the hood up. With ghostface we can see that the mask is able to affect the body piece when two items are equipped. i assume this is possible with bunny feng also? i am aware that survivors and killers are built differently, and i do not know how difficult it is to create all of these cosmetics but it seems like it would be possible to make it so that if you have the body of bunny feng, combined with the hair of bunny feng that it would automatically put the hoodie pulled up.


  • ElkElk Member Posts: 2,267

    Ash is built differently as a survivor. They can add a new option in the customization for a two piece or whatever is needed to make it. The process in making this happen might be easier said then done though.

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 1,602

    Is that holes in the hoods, or just clipping textures? Cuz it seems more the latter than the former.

  • shadow3989shadow3989 Member Posts: 6

    im pretty sure that there are holes, they even have a tear mark around them, they look like black smudges around the horns, they arent there if you dont use the devil mask.

  • VolantConch1719VolantConch1719 Member Posts: 1,115

    You pretty much answered your own question.

    Survivors and Killers are built differently.

    What you are talking about would be pretty much impossible to code, since you are essentially asking for one cosmetic to have two forms.

    You may see something like that with the hood down, but you will NEVER see it with the hood up. That's asking for way too much.

  • shadow3989shadow3989 Member Posts: 6

    well as we have seen with ghostface we are able to see that it is possible to give the same cosmetic two forms depending on what is equipped, what could possibly be done is to make the whole cosmetic locked, or only work if a torso and headgear is equipped. in a livestream they mentioned that they could put the hoodie as part of the torso, but then it would be with any hair which would create clipping. they could do it so that the hoodie only exists if the correct head is equipped with the body, but i agree that it would be hard to code, but i dont think it is impossible

    at around 1:13 in this vid is a clip from the livestream talking about what i mentioned.

  • MainSusie_FengMainSusie_Feng Member Posts: 22

    I hope you realise that it’s a serious horror game not fortnite, soon there will be a bunny Feng and Jake, kitten Ash and Nea, hamster or something else super cute Dwight and Kate. Smh.

    Don’t get me wrong it would be super cool to have this kind of hoodies (I would buy it for everybody) in the game but at the same time it’s directed to more mature audience, idk idk.

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