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Can we get a way to unlearn teachables

I made the stupid mistake of getting every perk in the game and now getting the perks I actually want on a new survivor takes way too long.

I've gone through over 100 bloodwebs and I still dont have adrenaline 1


  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,320

    I know it makes sense. The more of the grind you get done, the harder it will become for you.

  • GcarraraGcarrara Member, Mod Posts: 1,303
    edited July 2019

    Interesting Idea! 😁

    At the beginning, i used to take only the teachables i liked. Alas, that was not possible after some changes that made it so you had to take 2 teachables out of 3 if you want to max out a character without missing out on a perk per level.

  • Captain_DoomsdayCaptain_Doomsday Member Posts: 175

    I have no idea why you lose perks on Prestige...

  • NantesNantes Member Posts: 54

    Agreed. With so many new characters, getting the build you want becomes more and more a pain in the ass.

  • FredKruegerFredKrueger Member Posts: 265

    I wouldn't mind if they changed it to once you unlock a killers specific perk in the BW to use it for other killers, they all get it without having to grind for it again, and again. It sucks grinding for hex ruin on every killer considering you pretty much need that perk.

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 937

    It would sure be nice not to have sort through Left Behind and No Mither in so many bloodwebs.

    The caveat is that perks can be updated (or broken. Looking at you Wake Up...) at any time so you might one day be glad you have certain ones unlocked.

  • Captain_DoomsdayCaptain_Doomsday Member Posts: 175

    That's sort of a larger game balance issue that there's a mandatory meta perk, but it is obnoxious to be punished for unlocking things in any way.

    Someone should make a formal appeal about perk retention, if the devs actually read the wishlist...

  • AnvilAnvil Member Posts: 38

    I've stopped prestiging killers because of the grind. They need to make it about hours of gameplay with the character or accomplishing feats. Not about the bloodpoint grind.

  • LancerCainLancerCain Member Posts: 28
    edited July 2019

    The answer should not be unlearning perks, it should be a better Bloodweb.

    Anyway, My idea for bloodweb and prestige is like this:

    P1.- You lose all perks except 1 your starting ones, who are kept at the current level.

    p2.- You lose all perks except 1 and your starting ones who are kept at current level or if they were lvl 1 they get promoted to lvl 2. You only find perks lvl2 or 3 on the bloodweb.

    p3.- You lose all your perks except 1 and your starting ones, they will be lvl 3 and you'll only find lvl 3 perks on the bloodweb.

    Anyway, even without the keeping perks, I think the important part is to stop finding low level persk as you prestige.

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 1,759

    They should just remove the entire concept of having three perk ranks. 125 teachables is way more than the 21 teachables at launch.

  • Captain_DoomsdayCaptain_Doomsday Member Posts: 175
    edited July 2019

    Actually, I'd like to see the perk levels put to work.

    Each prestige, bring all currently-owned Perks down to their lowest level + 1 for whatever they were at beginning the prestige, provided they've been taken at least once this prestige. Meaning teachables will probably be level 2 after the first time, while every Perk that's been collected will be 1. This also encourages grabbing new perks, if you're thinking that far ahead.

    Eventually, you'll have all of your perks even when you prestige, and by that point I'd say you deserve it.

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