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NoED, fair or unfair?



  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,222

    Unfair, but not overpowered. Why should killers be rewarded for failing their objective?

  • preetygoodforumsofarpreetygoodforumsofar Member Posts: 81


    i know i can just shut down the perk by clearing all totem

    but when the killer is good nurse or other strong killer

    you won't have the time to look for totem

    especially on map like the game

    also the killer can force survivor to rush gen by camping all game

  • thomasnutthomasnut Member Posts: 112

    i love the comments from people who say this perk or that perk is a clutch perk only used by less skiled players. noed is no less a clutch perk than tool boxes, insta heal med kits, borrowed time, adren, balanced landing, sprint bursts, etc.

    If you truly have skill then you don't need any perks at all, correct?

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 1,860

    If everyone just cleansed dull totems they ran past NOED would rarely activate in the first place. Sure there's maps that are an exception with the right totem spawns like obscure corners on The Game and the corners of the map on the Swamp, but still.

    No denying it feels unfair and "lame" to get hit by NOED after not getting hooked all game, but at that point you already got to play to endgame so it's honestly not much of an issue in my opinion.

    Never expect or feel entitled to escape until you run out the gate or jump into the hatch, just like a killer should never expect or feel entitled to a 4k until the last survivor is dead.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 7,363

    Totally fair, I just don't think it's good design.

  • Mavi6568Mavi6568 Member Posts: 3

    Noed nerf when?or rework yes its unfair c:

  • JesyaJesya Member Posts: 1,041

    100% fair.

    Do totems and there's no issue. Totems are literally next to gens most of the time.. there is no excuse to not do them. Unless of course you are rushing gens and just playing gen simulator.

  • The_TrapperThe_Trapper Member Posts: 186

    I haven't used NOED in ages, but it's fair, it's not even a "crutch" perk.

    It was a "crutch perk" back when exposed status was more rare, but now we have Myers, Ghostface, Leatherface, Hillbilly, Iron Maiden, Rancor, Redhead's Pinky Finger, Devour Hope etc.

    One-hit downs are not rare anymore, and everything that applies exposed has a requirement and a counter.

    NOED is useless until all gens are completed, and can be removed at any point during the game.

    Myers needs to charge up his exposed.

    Leatherface and Hillbilly need to be close, with survivors being somewhat in the open.

    Redhead's Pinky Finger needs to actually connect with the survivor.

    Devour Hope needs 3 tokens without being destroyed.

    See what I am getting at? It's no different to any other methods of exposing.

    If you call it a crutch perk, you need to let go of the old days of DBD.

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,732

    Another one? God damn this needs to die. Now. I'm getting tired of all these NoEd posts.

    As for my opinion? It's fair. Grab a map, preferably a rainbow map, and hunt for the totems. There, the perfect co-

    No one is gonna listen to me. Why do I bother?

  • DragonredkingDragonredking Member Posts: 874

    If anything at that point I think that the only way to have survivor actually give a [BAD WORD] about cleansing dull totem is to make NOED baseline and incresae point for cleansing dull totem

  • ArecBalrinArecBalrin Member Posts: 636

    Anyone can make a bad-faith argument, just watch:

    NOED triggering is the killer's 'reward' for protecting their totems successfully.

    So yeah, when someone makes the bad-faith argument that 'NOED rewards failure', anyone can make an equally bad-faith argument back which shuts it down. This carries on, back and forth.

    The discussion will be repeated in a new thread not too long after and we get nowhere.

  • GraveHunterGraveHunter Member Posts: 226

    I'm fine with NOED, but why did they buff it so that tier 1 and 2 are also one shot... It was fine how it was before that buff. After that buff, 9/10 of my games involve people who use NOED.

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