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Is the dream world too bright?

What do you guys think? It even gives me a bit of a headache.

Posting this while waiting another 20 minutes for a lobby btw. But at least it seems like that Freddy could be pretty good (but a few small tweaks are needed imo). But knowing the devs they'll probably even nerf him.


  • Tzeentchling9Tzeentchling9 Member Posts: 1,796

    Yes, it's too bright(at least what I can see from the Survivor side). I could barely stand it on Springwood, I can only imagine Lery's is like looking at a white screen.

  • fcc2014fcc2014 Member Posts: 4,213

    Yes, Imagine playing multiple dark matches and then against freddy a few times especially after he gets released on all platforms and then going back and forth. The constant bright/dark is going cause headaches. The red visual stun and the doctor tier up deafening sound, i don't know who comes up with these things but damn you HATE your player base!

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 1,261

    Dead by Dreamlight

  • daggersnightdaggersnight Member Posts: 19

    Yes I just posted a thread about this myself. Freddy never made me sick before but now he does.

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