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false chainsaws (Billy)

nichtRoxasnichtRoxas Member Posts: 67

Can you fix that or is it never gonna happen? Literally played a Billy game and I got two false saws in a row. And people wonder why Nurse and Spirit are so popular. That [BAD WORD] can literally lose you the game.


  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    Although I've never experienced it with Billy I have had many times with cannibal when I charged up his chainsaw and it just would cancel the chainsaw.

  • AnevianAnevian Member Posts: 47

    Pretty sure that's you letting go slightly too early. I think what OP is referring to is when you get a get a chainsaw off that clearly should hit (as in the chainsaw is practically up the survivors bum) but it doesn't register a hit.

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    Oh...thanks for pointing that out! Also I'm fairly confident that it's either 99% charged or a glitch cause I recorded a clip where it seemed 100%.

    Back to the point of this thread, I've had times where I feel my saw should've hit (with hillbilly)

  • nichtRoxasnichtRoxas Member Posts: 67
    edited July 2019

    It's also called ghost saws. You there is nothing in the way, you should hit the survivor but instead it just hits nothing even if they walk straight it's not me missing or anything.

  • SQUIRREL_302SQUIRREL_302 Member Posts: 56

    Happens all the time for me(PS4). Never let go of L2, just stops and the survivor runs away

  • Gay Myers (Luzi)Gay Myers (Luzi) Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 1,790

    Moved to the correct sub-forum

  • ErasoxErasox Member Posts: 96

    Can confirm on ps4 many times. the chainsaw stops slighty behind the surv without any reason.

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 680

    To be clear: LF's chainsaw charge bar isn't 100% accurate. You actually need to hold it for a couple ms longer than the time it takes to fill - I would guess the last sliver is behind the slightly too short outline.

  • JnnsMuJnnsMu Member Posts: 236

    I've had this happen too. Not every game but often enough to influence power level. I have the camera homed in on the survivor and am constantly holding M2. However, the chainsaw sprint just stops automatically wihout the survivor being hit. The survivor using a sprint perk increasies the probability of this happening, however it is not necessary (meaning this bug also happens without that factor). It seems like it only happens when hitting survivors at weird angles (between their back and their side) might be a hitbox anomaly (?)

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