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Been Thinking About Moris Lately

BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 9,495

The Cypress Memento Mori is excluded from this thought ENTIRELY btw, when i talk about Moris in this topic, exclude Cypress as you read.

I've been comparing Moris to all other Offerings in my head.

And they're all relatively harmless. Bloody Party Streamers is even helpful to both.

Now the Reagents that make it thicker can be of some more use on specific Killers, but that's it.

Coins are of little use as it's just Items that you deny.

Plus most bring their own Items anyway.

Plus you denying Chests only means they'll use that time on Generators.

Luck is extremely weak, and you'll need multiple Luck-builds to make it work.

And i'm thinking: In terms of power, Moris REALLY stand out.

So now i wonder: SHOULD they stand out?

I don't think being able to kill should be removed, it's just too iconic.

But would nerfing Moris to where you have to hook twice really be that bad?

That would also have you earn more BP & Emblem scores than currently.

TL;DR - If they were to be nerfed, i don't think i'd mind.

Also, Cypress at base would be cool, being able to end the match with your kill animation.

prepares for Killer outrage coming at me 😫

Best Answers

  • BossBoss Posts: 9,495
    Accepted Answer

    What if the 2 bigger ones were removed, Cypress was standard, and every single Killer will now have at least 1 Add-on (either Very Rare or Ultra Rare) which will make you work for it hard, but will allow you to kill Dying Survivors?

    Not a handicap version, as that would allow you to start killing immediately.

    Just sharing a thought...

  • BossBoss Posts: 9,495
    Accepted Answer

    I'm already happy to have such a variety of responses.

    I seriously thought I'd be swarmed with opposing opinions. (Not aggressively or anything, but I can see why people would defend them.)

    In the end, I'm not gonna be bothered by either a fitting nerf or leaving it like this.

    Only a buff would feel like anti-QoL.

    Again, that's excluding Cypress.

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