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Please fix the pig rng

When I can sprint from box to box with almost no interruptions and still die, without the killer even using any time reducing or box increasing addons, that's just bs. This should NEVER happen under any circumstances. The general consensus is that the traps are meant to waste time and stop people from escaping while they are active, so if someone is doing everything in their power to remove it they should not get killed. The whole point of it is that you're sacrificing time and effort and making yourself easier to find to get rid of the trap, the purpose of the trap is not to actually kill people, just to have that as a threat to force them to remove it.

It's also kind of bogus for the killer when people remove it on the first try. The trap barely even did anything for them when that happens.

I have 2 possible solutions:

Solution 1: You always remove the trap on the second or third box, never on the first or last. If the killer is using addons to increase the amount of boxes, then the same rules will apply, for example if there are 5 then you can remove it on the second, third, or fourth. This way you won't get screwed super bad if it's the last one, and the killer won't get ripped off by it being the first one.

Solution 2: The trap timer is reduced to 1:30, but for every box you search that doesn't remove the trap, you get an extra 30 seconds added to your timer. This way survivors are pressured more to remove it at first, especially if it activates quickly, but if they are getting the bad end of the stick on rng they won't get so severely punished but still spend more time searching boxes

I'd be fine with either solution, but I think the first one would cut down on the rng aspect of it, while the second one wouldn't stop the rng from having a big effect but it would make it a bit less punishing if the rng is bad, without making it worse on the killer (since the survivor is spending the time and effort to search either way). I think I'd prefer the first solution.


  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 2,791
    edited July 2019

    Ah that will only happen with a combination of 2 specific add-ons; I saw it happen once where a teammate went to two boxes instantyl with no interruptions and before getting to the third, it was over. Ridiculous and hilarious. The pig we played against only used that combo because they were prestiging though.

    Also I don't think you know how it works; it doesn't decide when you're at a box if it is the right one. In fact, the game decides which box has your key when the trap is placed on your head. That's just general luck, not in-game RNG.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,390

    Solution 1: Never. That would make hooking someone near a box arguably worse than it already is because while you will never get it off on that box, you can always guarantee that you will get the box off in a short time since you never have to worry about searching all four boxes, and you already searched a box in no time at all.

    Solution 2: Tampered Timer would be absurd. In scenarios where the Trapped Survivor is unhooked after their Trap goes active, you only need to crouch tunnel someone for a minute to take them out of the game completely. You don't even have to do it for the full minute. Just do it for some time, hook them, and then do it again a little more when unhooked, and they are done.

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