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HEX: RUIN slowing down the game

RaidokuRaidoku Member Posts: 69

One of the most broken perks in the game even if you can predict where it is going to be likely wont be where you found it last costing you a precious 15-20 minutues (4-5 generator could be fixed in that time) just to find it and by then you've all been hooked by killer likely twice by now or all least once for sure on small maps for sure. I just wish there was a perk survivors could have that would slow the game down for the killer such as fighting chance: every 60 seconds restore a random pallet to its location to be used again or a character that could trap the killer for 3 seconds so time could be spent on getting the hex ruin my question is why killer get a perk that is literally made for slowing the game down there should be one for slowing the killer down even a perk that makes killer movement speed 15% slowing when chasing.



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