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JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

Reworked Freddy


When you are in dream state all generators should turn bloody when he channels a generator. This keeps you on your toes at all times. (Hence another perk of waking up) This would then change the addon that normally does this to make clones of the Freddy coming out. Again he can't cancel the channel so he is going to one of them. However, which one? This alone keeps survivors on their toes at all times. Wanna chance staying on the gen and give Freddy a free hit?

Snares and Pallets: Base Kit?

Snares could be changed to bring them into dream state. (Place them around pallets and certain areas. Similar to hag trap triggers. While pallets could be used for the chases and mind-game potential. Again more features that keep you in dream state while giving Freddy power over his world is preferred here. Yet another reason to wake up. If this would be implemented I would give a double counter 5 to snares 5 to pallets. Possibly the addons can increase token counts as well.

You then can center the addons around how they affect snares/pallets rather than simply allowing you to use them. In addition to that maybe we could even get an ADDON to play as old Freddy? That or possibly double up on the roster? Just because he needed the rework doesn't mean he has to be gone completely.

Best of both worlds as far as I am concerned.


BadHaM Preschool



Personally, I think they are some of the best totem spots in the game. The maps structure even with some of the loops contain hidden tuck away spots for totems. I have also seen the one with the concrete surrounding it. This means you wouldn't see it from the back side only looking straight at it. I think this could be incorporated in other maps and locations making totems just slightly harder to seek out. Other than that only a few totem spots on the map are ggez totem snipes. The others can be tucked around by most of the environment in place. Even running small game and just looking for them in KYF lobbies as testers it took me awhile to realize some of these hiding places. - Side note these places are also great for survivor hiding spots you can easily walk past them and not notice. (Stealth Mode Claudette is gonna have fun!)

Loops and Structure:

Although, I would have liked to get more time with this in general. I have noticed that most if not all of the ultra safe pallets that use to be on par with shack pallet has been really either shortened or have mind-game potential. This is what the devs were consistently saying in their live stream about the new changes. Even though there are more pallets than ever on these maps I find them to have a balance as if you don't play your cards right you will get hit.

Structures are the only thing I have noticed some issues with regarding layout. Specifically on layout 4/5 where you have the line of vaults on the map and pallets. This can easily waste severe amounts of time as this is a structure that doesn't go away. You have the house, a pallet, then shack, a pallet, a fence, a vault and loop. Which I didn't get to test much in a live game but it has serious potential to be one of the strongest areas of the game as far as time wasters go. Although, this may have come down to bad RNG.

I enjoyed most of the structure changes that were little but noticed. Broken down houses, cheaply boarded up windows. It really is well designed to be run down and broken. Which as far as aesthetics go is a perfect reason there would be debris all over the little street.

Another thing I noticed is that between the variants there are zones that at least in my plays have been survivor sided, while some were killer sided. Making it seem more fit for a match rather than oh god this map again. The only thing I would change is remove the numeral following the name.

Badham Preschool

Badham Preschool II

Badham Preschool III

Badham Preschool IV

Badham Preschool V

It simply gives you awareness of what layout the map will be. Naming them all Badham Preschool when the match loads at least would be a neat feature. It would make it so you have to pay attention a bit more of your surroundings. Maybe that gen you are working on is in a bad spot to be rushed or left alone. The change would not be significant for people who play the map frequently but for the first few seconds of the map it would cause you to try and get sense of the environment before playing.


Other than that what are your thoughts?

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  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    What are your thoughts guys?

  • FrozenscumFrozenscum Member Posts: 393

    I have posted my thoughts in another thread, but I can repeat myself:

    Old Freddy is unique character. He needs different approach to play him.

    New Freddy is just powers of 2 other Killers tweaked and put for choice to use.

    Reworking Freddy for 2 years to give us this is embarassing.

    As majority says Freddy needs rework. Fine. I agree. But this one is not rework Freddy deserves and needs.


    Some of the changes are good:

    1. Putting into Dream by initial hit
    2. Range flickering at certain distance and invisibility
    3. Terror radius while awake and nondirectional lullaby in Dream
    4. Generator teleportation for better mobility

    Other changes are bad

    1. Snares are worse Clown's gas, Pallets are fun for a first while.
    2. Aura reading removed
    3. Slowdown removed
    4. More ways to wake up
    5. Passive Dreaming

    Freddy could have much more entertaining powers while in Dream world, and ways to put Survivors in Dream apart from hitting them. Window traps, illusionary chests and totems, Freddy illusions in Dreams, windows vault teleporting, sound illusions, survivors teleportations.

    And we have Clown's gas and Doc's pallets with Pig's clocks.

    Just imagine how Freddy could be if they keep him in Dream World and do proper tweaks to him.

    Putting Survivors in Dream:

    1. Freddy can put them with his power, but basetime reduced to 5 seconds, with flickering phases as 0-1.25 visible, 1.25-2.5 seconds invisible, 2.5-3.75 seconds visible, 3.75-5 invisible, at 5 visible and can interact, with 2 strongest addons he can put survivor in 2 seconds.
    2. Freddy can place Dream hex totems and chests into real world - Survivors who interact with them are put into Dream immediately
    3. Freddy can place Dream traps on windows, vaulting throw them put survivor into Dream world at once

    Waking up from Dream:

    1. Awake survivor can wake up sleeping survivor as now, awake survivors can see auras of sleeping ones flickering each 5 seconds for 2 seconds.
    2. Failed generator repair skill checks
    3. Clocks from PTB
    4. Survivor can NOT be awaken by failing healing or any other skillchecks

    Freddy power in Dream World:

    1. Freddy can target window from certain distance and channel teleport. During channeling husk of Freddy starts to vaulting from other side of window, once vaulting is complete Freddy teleports to husk location regaining his running momentum, but obviously running opposite direction from teleport (someone suggested such feature on forums not so long ago, and it looks really interesting). Freddy can cancel teleport before it reaches 50% of channeling creating room for mindgaming.
    2. Freddy can create his illusion behind windows which has lullaby and appears to move from one side of window to another watching into window, imitating Freddy's approach.
    3. Freddy is invisible to awake survivors as now, and they only hear his lullaby
    4. Sleeping survivors as well hear only his lullaby in his TR and can see Freddy, lullaby is nondirectional and has no increasing or decreasing volume. It is same at any distance inside TR.
    5. Freddy can target lockers to teleport to them, locker start bleeding once Freddy starts his channel, he appears from it with doors rushed open and NOT regaining his momentum, obviously he faces from locker.

    Dream World effects to survivors:

    1. Once in Dream World Freddy can see sleeping survivors auras outside his TR and up to 72 meters. ( as you can recall, sometimes his victims could hide from him for a while in Dream).
    2. Survivors affected by hindered effect in Dream World slowing their movement by 5%, but their all actions speed is increased by 10%
    3. Dream window traps slowdown vaulting sleeping survivor to medium vault and hinder them for 3 seconds for additional 10%
    4. Dream totems and chest make sleeping survivor scream on interaction revealing their location to Freddy and alerting him.

    I believe there are a lot of other suggestion to make Freddy interesting character and regain his Dream Demon form around. Devs just need to pay more attention.

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109
    edited July 2019

    If freddy had some of the changes or reverts you suggest he would be god awful to play against. I do think there needs to be more illusion stuff like I stated or traps to get them back into dream world. However, match time and chase potential is fine as is. I think base kit snares, pallets, (Totems and Chest as addon(s) would be better.) I think the fright of him going to your gen or something being fake is better than SLOW THE GAME TO A CRAWL state or I need to see you at all times.

  • FrozenscumFrozenscum Member Posts: 393

    If you'll pay attention, Dream World in my suggestion increase action speed of survivors, not decrease. Trading beeing exposed by aura and hindered in running speed for faster repairs, healing, etc.

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109
    edited July 2019

    Other changes are bad

    1. Snares are worse Clown's gas, Pallets are fun for a first while.
    2. Aura reading removed
    3. Slowdown removed

    Your actual change yes. However, the trade-off is garbage. He can see me practically 24/7, I am 20% slower than him in total. 100% vs 115% speed + 5, However, I can slightly do things faster. I enjoy mind-game potential. Where you make a survivor second guess themselves. However, I don't like spirit hands off keyboard mind game. Freddy has potential as some of your suggestions to become an illusion mind game killer. Which in many cases is what he is.

  • FrozenscumFrozenscum Member Posts: 393

    He has basically Bloodlust 1 in Dream. However, if it will be too strong on PTB, Freddy can be toned down to 110% Killer, taking in account his teleport and mindgame capabilities.

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    That makes no sense buff him 5% to lose 5% at speed. That cancels out itself.

  • FrozenscumFrozenscum Member Posts: 393

    It is not, you have same speed difference, but sleeping survivors move slowly around map, it is time management.

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    Yes but then Freddy also is 5% slower all the time overall the change would make survivors want to be in dream state more since it would not really impact them other than buff their speed. Yes Freddy can teleport but only so often. If they are not asleep in chase Freddy is only 10% faster. That would be huntress speed vs a survivor rather than say wraith or billy. If they are asleep it would be 15% the same difference as if speed was not touched.

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