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Snares should be removed so the addons can be focused on Dream Pallets

Snares are undoubtedly underwhelming, however if the devs leave as it is I can see a few months from now good players specialize in it and get good, but limited results.

The thing is: snares are just SO boring. Almost a lazy design, to be honest. On the other hand, Dream Pallets are extremely fun and authentic, offering a brand new gameplay that fits perfectly with Freddy's personality from movies together with its new teleport ability. Yeah, Doctor has an addon that also makes so survivors see pallets that aren't really there, but the similarities end there. The Dream Pallets and the new playstyle it offers are original.

But the problem is that you have to give away one of the addon slots so you can play Freddy the most fun way, frustration by what looks like is shared by a lot of people here. Not only that but there are really few addons that interact with the palets, being it restricted to useless aura reading, hemorrhage and blindness effects. If snares were to be removed, all addons could be used to work with Dream pallets and/or its telleport ability. Given that the devs were to put some effort in writing those addons, not only the Dream Pallets would be way more interesting and fun, but maybe also solve most complains about it being weak agains SWF and good survivors.

Also, looks like there is some, but not many, people here who actually like the snares better than the pallets (not just think it is better, but also more fun). To please there players the devs could make a switch that is non-reliant on addons so players could choose which power to use, and also make all addons offer double effects, one if the player is using a Dream Pallet, and one if they are using Snares, sort of like the 'Dream Traps' description the new addons have now.


  • The_TrapperThe_Trapper Member Posts: 186

    Agreed, the snares are pretty lazy and attempts to steal the spotlight from Clown.

    Fake pallets are fun.

    Fake generators would be cool, when a survivor is asleep they see completed generators are untouched. When the survivor completes 20% of the generator it spurts blood and is revealed to be fake, chuck in a Freddy laugh just to rub it in, Freddy gets notified of it too.

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