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Are really survivors just skins?

EntitàEntità Member Posts: 1,550

@not_Queen @Patricia @Peanits I have a crucial doubt. These days I decided to earn some survivor adept trophies, and upon reaching Jeff I noticed that his groans of pain are particularly pronounced: by pure chance we were in three of us to heal each other in Lery and it seemed like a gathering of brown bears in the process to give birth. XD It is also evident the different build of the various survivors (some are slim/short, others are fat/tall...).

If it is true that the survivors are only skins, should they not be distinguished only by the physical appearance and the timbre of the voice, and not also by the hitbox or volume of the sounds? Do you confirm that, at the programming level, these parameters are set to be absolutely the same for all survivors? Thanks in advance. :)


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