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liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 149

i'm rank 18 killer, and got full toxic swf group. wich did nothing else than annoyng me , making me again to rage quit. so if you can't think about a good ranking system why should i still play this? this game have 3 years now and high skilled players are everywhere, then do something for low experience players.. cosmetics, paying for pixels, and doing nothing about toxicity. because it's a game tactic. today was the biggest rage that i ever did on this game and i think it's time to really stop supporting it. it's a mess and will never be better. BORING.BYE



  • MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 1,319

    No the issue is that SWF uses the rank of whoever opened the group. Thankfully that will apparently be changed soonTM

    And a rank 18 killer should NEVER be matched up with any SWF because of the massive advantages they have

  • liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 149

    i made swf lobbies as rank 20. had rank 5 killer . ;) also the group was full pro players. so being skilled and staying on low ranks .. that's the issue ....

    i mean they all doing no gens , but there to annoy me .. sad part is that they did it...

  • liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 149

    well immagine investing over 200$ in a game and not being able to play it :D of course it's not healthy to play it anymore.

  • liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 149

    they don't need to balance killers for low ranks, they need a proper ranking system, so skilled players to stay always high, and we, lower skill players to have a chance to have fun.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,220

    I STILL don't see the point of rank reset... Only feel like I'm bullying newbie survivors because of it. Last night, went from facing purple's and reds, to having a game against ranks 16-19 immediately after reset. Felt so bad, I let the OBVIOUSLY baby meg go (the rank 19).

  • olivoliv Member Posts: 7

    Here's the thing, what you find toxic about that SWF group, the rest of us might not. You've not told us anything about what actually happened.

  • TurtleBootyTurtleBooty Member Posts: 1

    Facing better survivors makes you a better killer. Like the above stated, you never elaborated what was toxic. Most of the time, "toxic" behavior is just whining.

  • FOXHOUND65KOFOXHOUND65KO Member Posts: 3

    Sounds like you're just mentally weak. Change my mind.

  • rantypaidrantypaid Member Posts: 41

    Let swf only queue up with rank of the sam color code. However that makes an issue of playing with friends.

    Hey behaviour, not every damn match needs to be ranked, casual play is a thing too, you know.

  • killermankillerman Member Posts: 20

    I think they need to have a beginner casual in a true rank system and with the true rank system they need to have picking and ban

  • killermankillerman Member Posts: 20

    We're survivors can ban 2 perks and the killer can ban 2 perks

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,966

    Games been balanced around low rank survivors because apparently thats the majoroty? It was probably just friends starting playing again and were low ranks. If you get mad at every obstacle or hard game you will never get anywhere.

  • SaveUsY2KSaveUsY2K Member Posts: 43

    You put 200 dollars into this game...play it all the time.....and are rank 18 and getting bullied.

    I call b.s..

  • FablesFables Member Posts: 4

    Killer lvl 1 imo is very good,being a survivor main I just play killer for daily's and I almost kill everyone everytime, so I have no remorse for killer mains crying u win some u lose some

  • nerfeverythingnerfeverything Member Posts: 52

    You got outclassed. Simple. You couldn't handle being outclassed and quit instead of take an L. You can't win every trial. Nobody does. Sometimes people are just better. Want an easier killer experience? Try Friday the 13th and it may make you appreciate dbd some more.

  • MinusTheBillieMinusTheBillie Member Posts: 349

    Really missing the vote down option right now

  • gambit92gambit92 Member Posts: 55

    Sweet jesus yes man. I've gotten flagged and reported on here because of me saying things like that. But yes PEOPLE JUST NEVER ACCEPT THE FACT THAT I GOT OUTPLAYED. I've had games where we talk in chat in lobby and completely dumbster the killer no swf involved. Ive also had games where I played bad and got dumpstered. Never have I come on here to complain about SWF. Swf is holding this game together who wants to play a solo only game always. I don't play killer no more because i rather play with friends. If they come with 4 flashlights i put my points in mike and i equip whats necessary to deal with what i see. Oh flashlights and medics. Hello Franklins. Oh lots of p3. Think i might just use sloppy + nurses. How about show proof that it was swf and toxic or something like that. And learn backpedaling to hid killer stain. Knowing high traffic areas. Forcing them to do gens and leaving 3 close by to monitor. I never have toxicity in my games just gg because they know and i know its a game of gimmicks and whoever has more in the bag wins. And if you dont theres always another game. Once again its a game. Take it as that. Your a killer and their survivors I'd do everything in my power on both sides.

  • mcspankymcspanky Member Posts: 1

    Without a doubt, swf can be toxic. That is just a normal thing. But it for sure sounds like you need a break from killer. As someone that used to just play killer and now plays both survivor and killer, killer can be very stressful. Some survivors are more than happy to rub in your face that you aren't playing that well which sucks but the devs can't do too much about that. Best thing to do it take a break or play survivor. Killer is stressful and I find myself taking breaks from it. And I am a red rank killer. I encounter a lot of swf. But you won't win every game even if you are a really good killer. You will have bad games. But for sure taking a break or playing survivor helps with the stress of killer.

  • souljaxxcsouljaxxc Member Posts: 3

    I do it this way, get your best killer almost every game. Survivors in this game want you to pick a killer with a terror radius, pick one without one, like, wraith, pig, ghostface, or my personal number one favorite FREDDY, who is currently getting a rework but even the one now is beast. If they can't hear you or see you, you'll get the one up on them every time. Make them so mad they send you those salty messages, lol. It works, trust me, I keep getting rage quits every time I pick a silent killer. Don't give them what they want and they can't be toxic, the more of us killers that band together and pick toxic killers, the more these toxic survivors will find another game, it's that simple

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 1,225

    So I'm bad because I'm complaining that low ranks are ruining the game for high ranks, which I'm in (was, cause of reset, and currently unable to play), which require skill and dedication to get good enough to reach?

  • souljaxxcsouljaxxc Member Posts: 3

    Also, I know I'm gonna get a lot of heat for saying this next part but it's the best way to handle swf, I'm a veteran killer and it is the only way to shut them down, but TUNNEL and CAMP the hell out of them, who cares what they say, you have to remember its 4 brains vs. 1, you get rid of them by any means necessary so tunnel and camp at all cost, you will destroy all their little plans. I found that Freddy can do this best or cannibal, but whomever you are best at camping and tunneling with, use that killer, also HAG is a great one to use for swf because they can't plan against where traps are set and have to crouch almost everywhere they go, there's some expert advice from a seasoned killer. Don't let anybody make you mad in any game, fight 🔥 with 🔥, there is always a way to beat these teams, they aren't as smart as they think, you're welcome lol

  • liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 149

    i wasn able to touch them man ... i downed one , 2 with flashlights were there, i let that down , all 3 running and healing ..... that was like most toxic gameplay since i started playing 2 years ago... and the sad part that made me quit is the fact that i got them 3 times in a row.... not same players but same behaviour--.... so devs should do something else for ranks. the problem now is that you can derank too easy , and rank-up as well... this is not normal even if it's dbd and not a competitive game....

  • liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 149

    that could be a good strategy. BUT... immagine no all of us , low skilled players have all the dlc's ... and even.. if it's a swf.... pointless cuz they have communication... :D

  • RaidokuRaidoku Member Posts: 69

    That's toxic for hating on how someone feels I do SWF and when a rank 1 spirit or plague is running hex ruin im disconnecting idc about losing rank since it doesn't mean anything tbh people should just d/c when your not happy with a match since there is no penalty maybe the devs will add one if we all complain about it.

  • liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 149

    dude , it's not about winning, it's about the behaviour... DO GENS! don't run after killer and take game hostage just because you know the timing. what should i do? i have like 3-4 hours per day to play... and i wait like 10 minutes for lobby... and after 10 minutes for a lobby , waiting another 5 minutes until survivors actually come to lobby, and after that or one of them dc in loading, and match get cancelled.... or i get those players.... so... yeah :)) pretty mm

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