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Help- I'm new. Hacker Help?

MelloonMelloon Member Posts: 3

Can someone help me out a bit. I've been reading for about an hour now trying to figure this out how to report the person.

  • This person made it so you could not heal yourself
  • Somehow new where we were at all times.
  • When I managed to open the door and escape- i just kept going until i fell off the map and restarted at a random generator.


  • MelloonMelloon Member Posts: 3

    THey also made it so you could not report them in game, the thumbs up arrows are showing.

    THis is also on the ps4.

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,192

    None of this appears to be hacking you are new correct. Well you could not heal yourself? Did you have selfcare and even if you did healing could have been bugged. He probably just got lucky or might be way more experienced at the game and that's how he knew where you were. The escape at the end is a rare glitch that happens and should be fixed soon I hope.

  • MelloonMelloon Member Posts: 3

    I am more new to the reporting someone and the forum. (Been playing 2 years)

    But the thing about this persons profile is that they seem to have just started.

    But I'm glad to hear it's just a glitch, and if it's just a glitch that's good to know.

    I was more frustrated at not being able to heal myself with my medkit- nor was anyone else.

    They also made it so I couldn't report in game.

    And while I may not be like super pro at the game- I know when I'm out beaten.

    If the ending is just a glitch that's fine- I can accept that.

    Thank you for replying.

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