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Freddy's fake pallets

Flow_Flow_ Member Posts: 13

[This is a duplicate of this subject since there is a category for PTB feedback and I didn't see it, sorry!]


After playing survivor and killer on the new PTB with Freddy's rework, I can see two main problem with freddy,

First his add-ons for the pallets, which are so many of them, this add-ons should be rare in my opinion instead of brown/yellow.

For the pallets I think it needs a nerf if datas shows that it's too strong[EDITED], not going down the number of them but mostly in game models.

The problem with that power is that survivors needs to memorize too much without being asleep (60s timer to fall asleep on top of it), which leads to chases where you forgot which pallets was there and was not.

A quick little nerf to that in my opinion would be to make the fake pallets to randomly drop some blood.

Not a large/big amount on the floor but a tiny bit so without being in a chase you can check and see it's a fake but however if you are in a chase and you don't pay enough attention you get juked because you didn't pay attention. Also as it's random if you are at the pallets and the pallets don't drop blood at that moment you don't know if it's a real or a fake. That brings random but also skill for survivor to check those pallets. I think it would be a great and fair counter to those fake pallets without affecting Freddy's new gameplay.

Thanks for this awesome rework !

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  • Flow_Flow_ Member Posts: 13

    That's an interesting comment. I'm actually red rank killer and survivor. It's a PTB people give their opinions, you don't have to agree but you can still be respectful ? Thanks.

  • Dabrownman1812Dabrownman1812 Member Posts: 1,803

    The nerfing I don't think is needed. As map awareness definitely counters this and isn't an issue past a certain rank. You can't tell pallets are fake with doc either so saying that does mean they should nerf doc pallets. Not saying your idea is bad, but be good to wait a bit.

  • Flow_Flow_ Member Posts: 13

    That's true, however I feel like with doctor you get close and you see it's a fake because it disappear. In this case you need to drop the pallet to see it's a fake one which slow the survivor considerably. But that's a good points in deed.

    I think we need more feedbacks on that but that was my opinion, and I'm playing killer saying that I see that pallets are very strong and in my opinion too strong. For me doc pallets and freddys are way different tho..

    Thanks for your answers :D

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 617

    Marking them as fake is really not the way to go. It already happens now often enough that survivors not being chased drop several pallets when they fall asleep and notice all the fakes around.

    But I think it is also a too strong power at the moment, nearly unfair. You can not remember the whole map and even if you could, only the enironment in clear sight would be safe to remember, you don't know what happens outside of your perception.

    I would suggest to change the number of palletss with the rarity of the addon, like 5/7/9. 10 pallets is reallya huge amount of fakes, regarding that each of them grants a free hit.

    Regarding free hits, this is the next change I would recommend. It is pretty unfair and braindead to use. Freddy just needs to swing and get the hit. The dream pallet animation at least should block the swing. That allows at least to get minimal distance after the failed hit and use dead hard. So Freddy needs to think about if he really wants to swing or not. Currently it is just a free hit, almost impossible to fail. And with this change it would still be stronger than a fury/enduring combo.

  • Skrill0xSkrill0x Member Posts: 49

    he‘s basically saying freddys pallets need survivors to think and he doesnt like that. Nice Point of view...

  • FredKruegerFredKrueger Member Posts: 265

    No. After a week, everyone is gonna start figuring him out and adapting to his pallet tricks. Let Freddy live. If anything, pallets should be in his base kit. Snares are pretty much useless. Take away his pallet game, he's got nothing. Here's an idea: try waking up. Then the pallets can't bother you. If you run around in the dream world all the time tho, that's what's going to happen.

  • Flow_Flow_ Member Posts: 13
    edited July 2019

    What an interesting comment again. I'm playing as killer saying that. For me dropping the pallet is a free hit for Freddy. You can memorize but as Deadeye said it's impossible to memorize a whole map + freddy's pallets recharge so he can change the map and fakes pallets as he wants. I'm not saying it's needs a RADICAL nerf I just think that we need some data and after that adjust fake pallets. That's why I emitted a suggestion of counter for the survivors to know.

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  • hahmrarohahmraro Member Posts: 75

    "For me dropping the pallet is a free hit for Freddy."

    That's his ability. Is like saying running over a Hag trap is a free hit too, so should be nerfed.

    From my experience, it's NOT that hard to remember which pallets you used/saw being used, aswell as seeing both pallets close to each other also gives away one of them is fake (I'm not even gonna mention how useless Dream Pallets will be against red ranks SWF). BHVR is pushing the survivor vs Freddy gameplay so survivors want to wake up at all costs.

    However, I do understand that low ranks have low map awareness and the Dream Pallets can be extremely strong against them, even at the hands of a bad killer (I know you mentioned being a red rank, but bear in mind that if the posts in this forum are a good representation of the PTB players opinions, you are an exception by thinking Dream Pallets need a nerf at high ranks). And an ability that steamrolls low ranks, by what BHVR past actions say, is not something they want, so I think the best way to nerf it would be by reducing the number of Dream Pallets to 5, but considerably increasing the range at which Freddy can use it.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 617

    @hahmraro Hag traps are not a free hit. You can 360, you can use dead hard, if not well placed like in several pallet situations you can even mindgame them. Nothing if this applies to dream pallets, you are stuck in the animation and the animation does not block Freddy, he can simply swing through it.

    And as said before, the fake pallets change. The only thing I really can think of and I noticed myself is when you are aware of regions where chases have already taken place, then you can be quite sure that there are not many real pallets left.

    But it seems we go the same way regarding the reduction of available pallets. Regarding the strength of pallets and snares I'm wondering why the stringer tool has also more stacks.

    The only thing I think is unfair is the "free hit", also compared to hag traps as I said above. So I think the blocking lunges is a fair but not strong nerf. And mentioning "you have to be or get awake": The problem is, when Freddy hits you, you are asleep and during chase nothing really to change about it. Sure, first you can or will be awake, making a bit of chase until you get hit. Then you have to be aware of your surroundings, as soon as you leave this area, you run into a dead end (fake pallets). Seems like many conditions, but remember the reaction and response to Legion, that was almost impossible to escape. That also took ages to down a survivor with 4 hits total and always waiting to regain the power. But the screaming was loud and the nerf was hard. So I would suppose to make a fair little nerf, also fair to Freddy, to avoid a hardcore nerf after 3 months, making pallets completely useless.

  • UhJokerUhJoker Member Posts: 2

    In my opinion I think his pallets should be in his base kit with a reduction from 10 to 5. With this an add-on that increases his maximum pallets to anywhere from 6-10. Depending on the rarity of course. I don't think his pallets need a full on nerf I just think a minor nerf will do the job.

  • M_PoisonM_Poison Member Posts: 1

    Freddy is definitely way overpowered at the moment. I have seen over 50 matches and only 2 where survivors escaped, 4 where they got 2 gens done and 2 where they got 1 gen done. all of the rest they got 0 generators done. that is 8 games where they could even make progress as Freddy not only has no delay with bringing you into dream world, but he also has snares, & pallet traps on top of add-ons. I think if you are going to run this way you should consider removing his ability to see survivors outside his terror radius or add it as an iridescent add-on as these perks are strong but not unbeatable, all together they make the game very unenjoyable.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 2,651

    Freddy has no aura reading now....

  • hahmrarohahmraro Member Posts: 75

    You can throw it before Freddy can hit you. You can mindgame and bait it. But most importantly, you can counter it by remembering which pallets are there and which are not. You may find it hard, but it really isn't, especially if played with a team.

    Adding colision to the pallet is the most absurd change you could possibly make to his power. Why would Freddy ever add a ''fake'' pallet to the map, if it can block lunges?

    I haven't played a single PTB macth were less than 3 survivors were below rank 10. I'm rank 2. Also, he has no base aura reading, and he can't use both snares and pallets. I see you haven't actually played AS Freddy, did you?

  • bubbascalbubbascal Member Posts: 318

    You can tell this guy made a account just to post from a rank 20 perspective.

    "Blocking lunges" is the dumbest thing so far and completely removes the intention of what the devs said: Memory game.

    If fake pallets could block lunges, you wouldn't have to worry about fake pallets.

    BTW, fake pallets are not even a issue if you're asleep. There is multiple ways to wake up.

    Hell, the devs probably added that Skill Check buff AND the clocks precisely with dream pallets in mind. There are MANY ways to escape the dream world, you're just entitled at this point. @M_Poison

    If you're gonna nerf Freddy, buff his snares. They are honestly bad right now and I want a new top tier Killer. I don't care how many rank 20s cry because they're bad.

  • Flow_Flow_ Member Posts: 13

    That's an interesting comment, I have to say I agree with you after playing more PTB.

    I didn't talk about my rank I think in my first post. It is said in a response because someone was being 'disrespectful' by calling me low survivor and that the problem I was experiencing was only because I was low rank that's why I responded to that guy that my opinion was actually coming from killer side and red rank (but that was not important in the first place ;) )

    But when i think about new Freddy I just don't think I'm rank 1 so it's true only in my case, I try to take step back and ask my self about this new freddy for everyone (new coming/ average survivors/ high ranks and others) I don't like categorizing but that's what I felt playing Freddy on PTB (which has no matchmaking I think so it's not about rank).. I think yes indeed a tweak into the numbers of pallets is more likely to happen :) Also yes I think now waking up is way more important than before. We'll have to wait and see feedbacks ^^

    It's interesting read all comments, there is actually good comments and logical ones :)

    I guess we'll see what happen.

  • FrauZockinskyFrauZockinsky Member Posts: 26
    edited July 2019

    I also think that the palettes are PROBABLY a bit too strong right now. Though they should def. wait with any changes until everyone has played with/against him for at least a month and they have reliable data (as opposed to nerf him to death instantly like last time).

    Personally, i would not mark them as fake, but reduce their number and/or make it take longer to place them. That would make their use more tactical (similar to hag traps perhaps). Right now, a lot of killers just seem to spam palettes left and right.

  • DontFaceCampDontFaceCamp Member Posts: 11

    its crazy reading these posts. most people seem to think everyone is SWF which is not true. think of the solo players pls ty.

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