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I’m genuinely done with DBD

iTz_KilLaZ_xiTz_KilLaZ_x Member Posts: 297
edited July 2019 in General Discussions

I hate to make this post because I know most people dislike “goodbye” posts. But I love DBD. It’s hard to admit I’m no longer having fun. Besides, the CoD series and RS, this is the only other game I’ve invested 1500 hours into.

The thing is, I’m tired of feeling limited with only a select few killers against good survivors. Sick of playing nurse. Sick of the balance issues and the devs taking forever to fix simple issues. I do feel like I got my $ worth of course though.

Good luck and enjoy playing if you still do. Once you reach red ranks as killer, the game can be frustrating. I don’t enjoy survivor because it’s basically nascar, gen simulator. Boring. But if people enjoy it that’s good.



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