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Signs the toxic player coming for you....

ZenderZender Member Posts: 149

You know what I mean, you're a killer, you just waited 7 minutes for your lobby then bang...

The first two survivors show up and they are the exact same survivor and their name is TTV.something. Uhm that's weird, then two seconds later two more of the same survivor show up as well.

Other things you might notice. They have no items in hand at 17 seconds, but at 16 seconds they all have 4 flashlights/toolboxes/etc with rare/ultra rare adds ons (you won't know this part until the end of the match).

Bonus points if they pick the map as well, expect to see Springfield, Haddonfield, or coldwind.

Extra extra bonus points if they all have balanced landing.

Recommendation: if you don't want to DC just go stand in a corner while you take a bathroom or food break. Deep breaths and remember its a game!

Happy Sunday!


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