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Struggle phase, change it, please!

It is been already so much times raised, but yet again:


I just had 2 games where 2 ppl died on 2nd hook cause they were changing hand to spam that damned SPACE and DID NOT intended to die.

I can't count how much times I died cause of same reason, when my thumb was tired and I've been trying to change finger to spam that goddamn button or when i was getting slight lag and died.

Add "Stop struggling" option made same as escape attempt at 1st hook. Just holding M1 for a couple of seconds to stop struggling and die.

We need with QoL when we play survivor. It is NOT add any of horror element to a 2nd stage of hook, only inconvinience and frustration if you die cause of silly reasons and didnt even intend to.

Devs, do it, it is not that hard, all community will say BIG, BIG thank you for that.

@Peanits @not_Queen @howeverelseisfromdevsteam

Some respond from devs will be appreciated.


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