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Why is Stream Sniping not punishable?



  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 3,203

    Haha, man, imagine Behaviour going on a tear, banning people based entirely on this kind of super-loose, anecdotal evidence. I sincerely hope you never have to prove wrongdoing in a real-life court of law if this is how you think, lol.

  • Detective_JonathanDetective_Jonathan Member Posts: 1,165

    Unless you got ttv out there. You getting streamsniped. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • BDS22BDS22 Member Posts: 146

    If you're getting sniped a lot then I would suggest putting a delay in your stream.

  • DaS_onlyDaS_only Member Posts: 656

    For days? Are you mod of tru3ta1ents channel? He's getting recently stream sniped into oblivion, nearly always the same 2-3 people are trying to get into his lobby and snipe.

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,640

    Simply don't put twitch in your name or profile

    that simple

  • TKTKTKTK Member Posts: 943

    It sucks for people like Tru3ta1ent cause he never puts his twitch in his name, changes his name frequently and the stream snipers he plays against obviously have set ups to directly counter what he does and it's always the same people.

  • CardgreyCardgrey Member Posts: 1,411

    When u choose to stream this game.

    U accept the risk. Just how it is.

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,773

    1: "don't stream" is literally victim blaming. You're basically saying it's completely ok too stream snipe. How is it the streamers fault for trying too enjoy the game because of a troll who wants too ruin it?

    2: It's hard too tell, but not impossible. I know Tru3 has the same person constantly stream snipe him. Plus, if you get the same person's account in every game and they run a build that completely counters you for multiple games, it's pretty obvious then.

    3: It's ban-able in pretty much every other PVP game like Overwatch and Fortnite, why is DBD an exception?

  • theArashitheArashi Member Posts: 995
  • theArashitheArashi Member Posts: 995

    Is it a streamer with stream tag in their name or one of the actual bigger streamers?

    Smaller streamers will have a delay on their stream regardless as you have to have bigger channel to even be able to decrease delay.

    Thanks to MLGA if someone wants to snipe, he will be able.

  • CardgreyCardgrey Member Posts: 1,411

    Why don't people stream with a delay

    If u have a 2 min delay they won't see lobby till your in game already.

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,773

    I never said it wasn't hard too prove, but there are some cases where people snipe for the purpose of ruining a person's game, but they aren't ever punished. I understand not wanting too ban someone who did nothing wrong, but at the least add a block system in game, where a person, either survivor or killer, can block someone can not have them show up in their lobbies. This way, if a streamer does think someone is sniping, but can't prove it, they can block them and the potential sniper can't get in another game with them and ruin it. Either way, there should be some solution other then "it's out of our hands."

  • theArashitheArashi Member Posts: 995

    While these are perfectly valid answers I sometimes see people on streams that jump into the lobbies with names like: Stream sniping... That appear in almost every game that streamer is playing.

    These kinds of cases may be looked at.

    I don't think it's possible to assume that someone that appeared in 90% of the games of the streamer is doing it by accident. Even at rank 1 with it's long lobby times it doesn't happen.

    Other solution would be to set a lock in matchmaking that prevents same people from playing against each other for 2-3 games and problem solved.

  • MrsPiggyIsSoSneakyMrsPiggyIsSoSneaky Member Posts: 571

    But you should have replay logs of someones certain gameplay point of view? You know, like CSGO overwatch right? right?! All you have to do is sync up both gameplays and then match up what X does and how Y reacts to what X did.

    It makes it worse though how you give your streamers fog whispers but don't care to enforce the rule of not stream sniping. You want your fog whispers to give good reports of your game and information on what needs to change? Then start taking care of your fog whispers, or get rid of your fog whisper system if your not gonna care for your streamers. Stream snipers make it hard for streamers to be able to fully experience a game or gather good data because it ruins it.

  • ShrimpTwiggsShrimpTwiggs Member Posts: 1,159

    Uh, except burning someone's house down and killing their pet is an EXTREME comparison which is also illegal. Taunting someone with flashlight clicks and teabagging in game and having your twitch name in your account isn't illegal and it doesn't justify cheating.

    "Punish them for it" is just a fancy way of saying "cheating." It's not just playing dirty, it's outright cheating, which is bannable. However, there really is no way for the devs to punish it.

  • EninyaEninya Member Posts: 1,257

    Your best bet is to add a significant delay.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 2,008

    Im just saying if you put your TTV in your name or on your profile then it's your own fault that you're getting stream sniped.

    It'd be like if you saw a walmart sign letter hanging dangerously and then decided to stand under it and wait for it to fall so that you could sue walmart for a load of money. If the court can prove that you purposefully stood there, to get a reason to sue walmart, you're not going to win the lawsuit.

    In the same vein, if you publicize the fact that youre a streamer to the very people you're playing with and they use that information to gain an advantage and that upsets you, maybe you should consider doing something to prevent the opposite team from knowing you're a streamer or set a delay so that the stream doesn't help them.

    It's different if you get sniped even though your in game name is different from twitch with no obvious link between the two, but if you don't even try to protect yourself from it you have no right to complain about it.


    I watched a few videos of streamers I played against over the weekend and one said I was 100 percent stream sniping because I bumped into him in the corn field. It happens but so does paranoia.

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    @ShrimpTwiggs yeah lol I'm being disingenuous there. I find most streamers are such clowns, I have a hard time resisting to make fun of them. Of course streamsniping is very literally cheating. But Peanits did a great job explaining how it's impossible to control, so they don't ban (presumption of innocence, makes sense).

    And then there's the argument that if you put your purse on a train seat and fall asleep for an hour, you're somewhat responsible if it gets stolen. It's still on the thief, but it's hard to deny your own stupidity there. So, if someone doesn't want to be streamsniped, best way is not to stream.

  • KrystressKrystress Member Posts: 52

    Just change your name often and avoid streamers. I never play with ttv survivors for this reason.

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 4,966

    Being targeted is bad no matter who you are.

  • JakConstantineJakConstantine Member Posts: 109

    I can see both sides being valid here. The only incident I saw which a person should have been punished for this was when Tru3ta1ent got stream sniped by a toxic survivor who admitted he did it because Tru3ta1ent was tunnelling and camping (which wasn't true). (Lastly yes there a video of it, but no I'm not putting on here cause the snipers info is on it). The fact he admitted to it is enough, but other than that I can see why the devs can't prove it's the same person.

    To be honest if there's streamers who had this the issue it would be best for them not stream the game or for a while. It may hurt both the streamer and devs advertising wise, but if they can't do anything about it that's the only option to choose. Sorry to say.

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,966

    Devs can't even give simply quality of life changes, like FIXING the SB bug, what makes you think they'll invest in ways to help against stream sniping?

  • DeltinDeltin Member Posts: 240

    Or you could see if the one user keeps getting into your game like 90% off the time and give them a cool down on searching for games?

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    Let me demonstrate your logic:

    Oh you chose to go to the club? Deal with the consequences of being drugged and kidnapped. You are blaming the victim. That is clearly not a solution to the problem. @EntityDispleased

  • purebalance7purebalance7 Member Posts: 90

    Except in the case of Tru3 that's happening to him right now it's BLATANTLY obvious. Sniper usually has a flashlight(and clicks it constantly which needs to be removed by frontloading the battery usage to the activation rather than duration) and on occasions across several days or weeks has been practically stalking him both in game and stream and somehow just always coincidentally has the perks that counter him. Playing doctor? Shocker he suddenly THIS game has Calm Spirit when any others he did not.

  • ShrimpTwiggsShrimpTwiggs Member Posts: 1,159

    Except streaming is a career for some people so simply not streaming shouldn't be the solution. And it isn't really comparable to leaving your purse unattended since streaming isn't irresponsible like falling asleep on a train when you have valuables. Can you imagine if we used this logic for other stuff? Don't want to get in a car accident? Don't drive. It's that easy! I mean, if you chose to get in a car and drive, you're partially responsible, right?

    But you do have a point that it's out of the devs hands. But if we just brush it off and never do anything about or try to work out a better solution, things will never improve.

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    @ShrimpTwiggs it's still a minor issue. Stream delay solves most of the problem, as for perk loadout, they don't win you the game. CS is useful against Doc, but not that much.

    But mostly, streaming as a career? Why would anyone want that as a career instead of doing something productive? Honestly, the sooner a streamer is fed up with trifles like this and finds a real job, the better.

    This whole streamsniping thing is not the game's problem, not the devs', not the community's, just some guy's who by the way has all the tools available to prevent it.

  • ShrimpTwiggsShrimpTwiggs Member Posts: 1,159
    edited July 2019

    "Find a real job"

    1. Definition of a job:a paid position of regular employment.
    2. synonyms:position of employment, position, post, situation, place, appointment, posting, placement, day
    3. 2.
    4. a task or piece of work, especially one that is paid."she wants to be left alone to get on with the job"

    "A task or piece of work, especially one that is paid." Yeah, streamers get money for what they do so it's a job whether you want to believe it or not. I guess it's only a job if you hate it, eh?

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