Could you create an historical section for reports of fixed bugs?

EntitàEntità Member Posts: 1,527

@Peanits @Gcarrara The Bug Reports section is really well organized, with specific subsections to classify problems according to their nature and help developers to consult the most pertinent reports to their respective tasks (audio, perks, maps...). It would be nothing short of excellent that the threads reporting bugs completely and definitively fixed were removed from the ordinary section and stored in a "historical" section. The moderators, in constant contact with the developers, and also taking into account the patch notes, could periodically make this selection, to the benefit of all. I ask because, at present, it is impossible for a user to consult the hundreds of open threads and distinguish pending and resolved problems. Thank you in advance. :)


  • GcarraraGcarrara Member, Mod Posts: 1,189

    Ehy, I'll move this to the forum feedback section. 👍️

    We need to study how feasible that would be, since that would require a different approach. 😀

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