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how most people act on survivor sided posts

lostkqlostkq Member Posts: 162
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So basically every survivor post, that actually has a Decent concept , decent idea get's every killer upset , and im not trying to be some scummy wummy because of it but this is generally what happens

  1. Survivor has a good idea
  2. Killers Flood the comments with hate and disregard to it
  3. Idea gets locked due to the amount of people who think survivor is over powered

If you think im joking go look at most of the survivor sided posts, this is going to get hate to oblivion but i really dont care this needs to be addressed, On steam killers constantly bad-talk survivor sided posts , and flame it until mods lock it so no one can comment on it anymore

And devs im not trying to bust your balls but you listen to youtubers and fog whisperers Which is good but, for example some of them think survivors hitboxes should be broken due to the fact survivors can juke and get missed ,

Most to all killers act like this on EVERY post, they constantly flame it till mods lock it so no one can speak on it, or do anything about it, such as the steam discussions Go look at it, the suggestions and ideas or just general discussion considering no one looks at suggestions anyways so no one puts stuff in there, killers will do anything to make sure the post doesnt get true recognition, The game has gone full killer side now, Just trying to do a ritual on killer takes 30 minutes to get a lobby and survivor is faster then ever, just instantly jumping into a game with no hassle.

This post is either gonna get Hate to oblivion so no one sees it, Or upvoted and talked nicely about because killers dont wanna show their true side. its just so sad to see that almost every nerf is to survivor When is nurse gonna get nerfed? that's way too powerful in the right hands, like jesus im not trying to be a cuck for the last time its just so sad to see all the potential go to waste because killers want to make it easier for themselves.

its just actually upsetting considering i had to make another account because all of my survivor posts/ideas got hated to oblivion. Pictures of steam, and survivor posts getting flamed will be posted in here so i have actual proof of it but the devs probably will not see this and it wont get any recognition, and i DO understand proper criticism but its really not if people just flood it with how bad of an idea it is even when theres 1 survivor who thinks its a decent idea, all im saying is Killer mains are starting to RUIN survivor for me, its become unfun. and im not gonna switch to killer just to have fun because look at your community You barally have anyone on survivor, you have to wait 30 minutes - 1hour to find a game as killer and then a couple more just to find some survivors

As a survivor you INSTANTLY shoot to a lobby soloq or not because of how many killer lobbies are open



  • lostkqlostkq Member Posts: 162
    edited July 2019

    ^ My thoughts about what hapens

  • lostkqlostkq Member Posts: 162
    edited July 2019

    ^ Convo ( was removed from post because i didnt block out the names )

  • lostkqlostkq Member Posts: 162

    You definitely didnt read the whole thing, And theres a post up there to show you some incidents of it, All people do is FLOOD it till no one sees it Or until its locked by the mods

  • PalletOrWhatPalletOrWhat Member Posts: 260

    I've been playing more killers lately. I wouldn't have a problem if they also changed some killer stuff... like prayer beads. You don't need this addon to be good. The spirit is strong enough. The same goes for Insta hatchets. I never use this stuff anyway, so it wouldn't bother me. But still! There is a reason why survivors had more nerfs in the past. The survivors were OP as hell. At the moment it's more balanced, but still not enough. It's stupid that you can't play all the killers at high rank. I mean, you can. But they are definitely not viable. It doesn't matter how good you are. You can be the best (mid-tier) killer in the world and still lose to the best survivors, you know what I mean?

  • JesyaJesya Member Posts: 1,096

    I would prefer to see examples from this forum instead of steam.

  • michaelkhjmichaelkhj Member Posts: 77

    idk if the reactions of killer mains are to burrow the good ideas for survivors but, that the killer mains bad-talk survivor sided post is true hahaha but this will happen, the game consist on killing each other (well a killer killing survivors and survivors trying to escape or juke the killer) so having 2 sides always will bring a fight, not saying that killers main are the bad ones, survivor mains will go and bad-talk killer sided posts too, maybe not everyone but I bet there are people that do it.

    the thing is that to play killer the user has to be intelligent.. well for survivors too, but since majority of people use to play survivor there are more chances of having smart ones in survivor side than the other side.

    this is just an example, not crying, not blaming, nothing like that. hope no one gets mad because of the example.

    let's talk about MoM, yes MoM is a overpowered perk, well was.. but killer mains could not handle the perk, but the smart ones did perfectly. I mean, there are a total of 16 killers till today right? but

    Hillbilly since his ability was able to counter the perk,

    Huntress the same since the hatchets do not give a token,

    Myers the same,

    Leatherface the same,

    Legion the same since if you applied deep wound and then finish the kill with M1 the survivor will gain 1 token but to activate it you need 3, means it will activate after 3 hits. but since you can get only 3 times hooked which the 3rd one is the last one.. there is no chance of activate the perk if you are a good with legion,

    the Plague counters it, i think there is no need for explanation.

    the new killer Ghost Face counters it too,

    plus our overpowered Queen (the nurse) did not get bothered anyway.

    maybe the Spirit could have got a little hard but good Spirits users are god like with their mind games,

    now.. the Clown using his M2 ability could get rid of the perk I mean you can slow the survivor and take an advantage of the distance, yeah of course they must eat that perk, but they have their addons that makes exhausted when survivors gets in the cloud of that fairy dust making them unable to use Dead Hard for example,

    and a good Doctor player who do not let you use pallet cause he knew the timing to shock you, don't think he should be pissed for the use of MoM since the survivor cannot use pallets hahahaha

    and well there is nothing more scary than a Trapper that knows how to place his traps, if he is skilled enough, well or lucky enough there are chances of not giving any token to the survivor.

    we have an Hag that is good to protect the hooks or generators that if the user is a little good enough he/she will be able to secure the kill.

    so.. basically we have 16 survivors, which 7 (Hillbilly, Huntress, Myers, Cannibal, Legion, Plague, Ghost Face) or 9 (with Nurse and Spirit) definitely counters the perk, and 4 (Trapper, Hag, Doctor, Clown) more killers that maybe with only skill or luck can get rid of the perk or 5 counting the Pig, since she can put reverse bear traps in the head of the survivors (I know that the majority get the trap off but there are chances).

    Total of possible killers that can play with no problem are 11 to 14 from 16 killers, and note that NOED countered it if the survivor was in full health state (of course if is active). and I know that grabbing someone when is doing a generator is hard but there are cases of grabbing the survivor vaulting a window too.

    Well that is the example, not going to ask for a rework of MoM since good survivor are good without that perk hahaha just telling something that non-smart killer did not see before.. but well we are here chilling, playing the game, there are many friends who quit dead by daylight from their life :( (that's the sad part) so for me this game being one sided or not will be the same, the one who will keep playing will keep playing :D

  • lostkqlostkq Member Posts: 162

    I’ll s screen shot some I’ve seen uve when I’m home

  • martin27martin27 Member Posts: 696

    A lot of survivor sided posts are just complaining because the game isn't solely tailored to them. Any post that complains that the nurse is to strong because survivors want to endlessly loop every killer is never going to be taken seriously. Even the one you linked to is survivors moaning that stuff is to strong because survivors don't want to adapt there play style. I said i didn't like how OP looping is and survivors told me to "Git Gud". The thing is i did and now i can beat most looping with M1 killers.

  • OMagic_ManOOMagic_ManO Member Posts: 3,278


    Sorry to tell you again that you're wrong, I read it and you can live in your own world, this is a select set of people, get over it, not everyone is the same, people will want nerfs or buffs and whine about their games and some suit themselves to just shut up and play.

  • lostkqlostkq Member Posts: 162

    Most of them are, but most killers Do just look over the good ones and scroll down to the comment and say something along the lines of how the post is wrong in this sense etc, More screenshots from this forum coming.

  • lostkqlostkq Member Posts: 162

    doubt you read the whole thing considering after 10 seconds of it being up you commented, also Its not a Select set of people, its almost every killer main out there, half the posts that even have a decent idea get talked about in a sense of how their entitled and they need to learn to play properly , Touch up survivor for a few and find out how fun it is if you're a high enough rank

  • lostkqlostkq Member Posts: 162

    Rank 1 isnt even hard to get to and really doesnt matter ATM rank 10 is the new rank 1 because of the wait times in rank 1 no one wants to play it MoM needed a nerf although what im stating isnt about people saying it hell the guy even said (IMC) (im clarifying) just how many things survivors have been nerfed on

  • martin27martin27 Member Posts: 696

    This game requires balanced but it should never be a perfect 50/50 split because it's 4 survivor vs 1 killer. The actual problem comes from survivors, they're suppose to help each other but don't, they're suppose to evade the killer but will instead tea bag at every opportunity. Survivors are not equal to the killer they're not meant to be and so many rely on crutch perks and insta items thinking they can bully a killer a win. I get bullied sometimes because i prestige and swap killers but i'm decent enough to deal with the majority of survivor mains with a god complex. Yes there are killers that have that same problem.

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