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List of things that need to be removed from the game (my opinion)



  • StarMoralStarMoral Member Posts: 819

    Ebony Moris should be harder to achieve.

    Instas should be harder to achieve.

    Keys should be changed, likely nerfed to only open the hatch AFTER it has been closed.

    Prayer beads should either be Pink rarity or reduce her phasing sound to 8 meters.

    Iridescent Head can be annoying, but only if the Huntress hits her shots.

    These seems to be one half of the Insta-saw Billy setup, and that ain't changin soon like speedy Spirit or full duration Legion. But to bring a suggestion, just don't let the addons stack.

    Nurse addons are odd in that they are busted as hell but ruin the muscle memory she needs. They honestly do need changing to keep a consistant playstyle.

    Map Reworks are on the way.

    I'd prefer adding a survivor perk that discourages camping. Counterplay. (Plus when was the last time you saw someone run Insidious on a non-meme build.

    While I agree that Dying Light encourages tunneling, that's the way of the beast. Plus there are so many anti-tunnel perks that using Dying Light without a huge game plan isn't smart.

    Object is completely based on the survivor. Both his skills and communication with his team (if any for both) depend if Object is used right. They may see you, but you see them. Now of we're going to talk about how the Object user can tell his team where the killer is, then that's a discussion on how this game was built for strict solo play but encourages and rewards group play. (As a competetive team game should, but DbD wasnt built for that, so it puts wrenches into a lot of bike spokes).

  • Andreyu44Andreyu44 Member Posts: 1,528

    Surviving in a swf group is easy indeed.

    Surviving while playing solo,on the other hand,is still difficult.

    And BNP is not worth it anyway.

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