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General QOL Changes to the Game (Not the Map) @Clockso Member

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Nurse - There is no fix for a broken killer. Her power is viable for all the wrong reasons. Predictions happen with every killer this isn't a nurse exclusive mechanic. Therefore the only skill nurse needs is the time/distance ratio on blinks. This in itself is pure muscle memory nothing more. You cannot skill a straight line. Yes, players that often screw up blinks can lose, however, it is rare to cause this on a 'god/good' tier nurse. Since they have the time/distance down pat. Plus with extensive play you learn the locations/actions a survivor will generally do against this killer. Similar to playing wraith/billy/spirit. This comes down to purely how often you play this killer.

Spirit - Needs a vaulting animation and the phasing sound needs to work reliably. There are times there is no phasing sound and the killer wasn't running Prayer beads. It simply isn't fair or a mind-game when no phase sound means you get hit if you don't move and no phase sound means you can't rely on any indicator something is happening. Although, gen grabber spirit is fine they spent half their match points on the add-ons needed to use this. They deserve to have fun as well.

All killers minus Nurse/Myers needs 115% speed at base. This would make map balancing a bit better since you wouldn't have to worry about certain structure designs causing infinite loops for slower killers. If a killer becomes OP after testing this buff then their power should be slightly tweaked accordingly.

Nurse - Again broken this would only make it worse. Myers, the split-up of tiers kinda makes this hard to balance. Maybe, 110%, 115%, 115% + instant down.

OBO should be distance based not terror radius based. Cloaked wraith has 0 counter-play to a survivor running this perk. To the point I was already baited into playing wraith in which I knew what was gonna happen and played nurse. Once we loaded into the match I saw exactly where they were. I simply got a nod from the survivor because they knew they were outplayed. This also applies to any other killer that is stealth-reliant.

We need to stop balancing perks with perks. This is an idiotic way to design a game. I have a perk which denies a perk which is denied by a perk that denies a perk that can be broken when not running this perk with a perk that counters....... I think you get the point. Perks need to be slight buffs or mild game changers at most. The problem is the core mechanics a perk should not be a reason a mechanic exists. Ie: Gen Kicking, Dull Totem Cleansing etc.

Now perk combos on the other hand should be rewarded. Ie: Spirit Fury + Enduring, Lithe + Dance with Me, Quick and Quiet + Head On (IF it worked LOL), etc. You are utilizing multiple perks to build an advantage that is unique.

As far as SWF goes the only way I can balance this out legitimately is randomly disabling on of their perks if they are in a swf. Although, my justification for this is if one person has OBO they all have obo, They get free kindred, empathy, bond, etc at any range. Losing one perk as a semi-handicap would balance out a coordinated swf team with coms. You simply are omnipresent with this mechanic and it should have a downside. You know where to heal someone, you know if the killer is or is not in chase.

Add 5 'black/no' ranks to the game under the brown ranks. These would be tutorial ranks. These survivors are limited from playing in swf until general knowledge of the game is given. Black/no ranks would allow certain advantages to both the survivor and killer. As killer you would essentially see intermittent auras of survivors working on gens 40+ meters away. Survivors would see the aura of a killer being penalized by the camping penalty. The camping killer in this case would also get the pallet stun vfx occasionally to see they are hurting their rank progress. Survivors in these ranks will also see generator auras from time to time showing them possibly where to go next. These ranks would be almost instant pips up. So you would only need to play a good 10 matches before you are out of these ranks. Note you can never go back to these ranks.

As far as ranks go a survivor/killer that has hit rank 1 should never be lower than rank 10 in rank. Even if you do happen to leave the game you come back rusty. You still have previous knowledge and get back into the game. Rank Reset should also only bring you down 5 levels from where you are. So if you are rank 10 you would go to rank 15 if you were not bound to 10+ by R1 achievement. Rank 15 goes down to rank 20 etc.

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  • ClocksoClockso Member Posts: 853
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    this is unrelated to your topic but when i read the title i thought you meant the game map xd

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109
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  • Seltas0208Seltas0208 Member Posts: 1,056

    Here's a quality of life change I'd like to see in addition to your great suggestions

    I wanna be able to pick which music I listen too in the main menu and lobby screens because the track they did for the ash reveal was dope

  • TheGorgonTheGorgon Member Posts: 777

    I totally disagree with one of your points for Spirit; How are you going to make a vault animation for a killer who heavily depends on the use of mind games; that's both ridiculous and silly. Plus, I don't know about Wraith, my man is sitting at one of the worst killers currently, c'mon.

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    @HeyItsNick123andnea I would like to see any other killer be able to stand at a window and it is considered a mind-game. Simply put she has enough potential the vault animation would be the only nerf. The phasing sound being accurate when she is phasing is a QOL change on the survivor perspective. It is how you are suppose to counterplay this killer. If there is no phasing sound because of bad audio in-game than there is no counterplay. IE viable for the wrong reasons.

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