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Borrowed Time or Decisive Strike?

Luna1980Luna1980 Member Posts: 30

I don’t really know which perk to use.

Right now I am using Decisive, Self care, Balanced Landing, and Adrenaline. My friend told me to replace Borrowed with Decisive. But it’s a tough decision to because borrowed time saved my friends while Decisive saves me, but my friends also got borrowed but I dont have it to save them.

I was thinking to replace Adrenaline with Decisive so I can keep Borrowed. But thinking about it, Adrenaline saved me so many times, I thought it as a replacement but I need you guys’ opinions.

any thoughts or suggestions? I would appreciate it.


  • Karl_ChildersKarl_Childers Member Posts: 669

    I think Borrowed Time is must have every game. I would drop Self Care for DS. Make life as tough as possible for those killers who linger around the hook. If you are playing SWF, Self Care seems less important since you could coordinate heals. I play solo, so I’m just assuming. If you really want to keep Self Care, it’s a hard choice to drop Adrenaline but I think I might. But med-kit games id definitely go BT, DS, Adrenaline, exhaustion perk.

  • ASpazNamedSteveASpazNamedSteve Member Posts: 1,783

    I'd drop Self Care and run both.

    That's ma opinion.

  • JnnsMuJnnsMu Member Posts: 237

    I agree with Steve on this one. I wouldn't even think about choosing Decisive Strike over Borrowed Time. Self Care is often a waste of time, especially when playing with friends. Also, having Adrenaline (which you should always have) lowers the value of Self Care since it's another way of healing and does so instantly. I would definitely drop Self Care for Borrowed Time in your situation. I would even encourage you to try out some other neat survivor perks instead of DS since I haven't been a fan of it since the changes. You could consider stuff like We'll make it, Unbreakable, Spine Chill, Iron Will, Alert, Bond, Empathy, Kindred, Aftercare, Quick and Quiet, Lightweight, Urban Evasion or We're Gonna Live Forever. I constantly swap between those depending on what I feel like doing and it keeps things interesting.

  • NosplashNosplash Member Posts: 77

    this is not the appropriate subforum for your question as the posts here are related to issues with perks or add ons. try to find the right subforum and mayb

  • NosplashNosplash Member Posts: 77

    and maybe you'll even get more feedback.

    sry for double comment, cant edit the first one i posted by mistake

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