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Decisive Strike Buff

This perk is literally not worth it anymore. It needs to last the rest of the game once you're put on the hook. It's the only perk that makes Laurie worth playing for. This needs a buff. By the time I'm freed from the hook and start self healing, my DS is already expired. Since it's a one time use, making it last all game seems fair. And I play both killer and survivor.


  • SpicybarbecueSpicybarbecue Member Posts: 183

    DS is already nuts OP.

    they need to severely reduce the time on it annd/or the success zone of the skill check

  • hahmrarohahmraro Member Posts: 96

    All rank 1 survivors I face have DS. That is not a sign that it needs a buff.

  • OMagic_ManOOMagic_ManO Member Posts: 3,278

    It's better than it was before, it does not need a buff.

  • SaveUsY2KSaveUsY2K Member Posts: 43

    No no no no no no. No. It's fine.

  • ASAPTurtleASAPTurtle Member Posts: 968

    D'S now is in a healthy state. It doesn't need a buff or a nerf as of now. Helps me a lot with those pesky killers, who'd do anything to go for me right after I'm unhooked.

  • fluffymareepfluffymareep Member Posts: 634

    It's the only perk that makes Laurie worth playing for

    Nah, Laurie's a queen.

    DS is fine btw. Unbreakable is also a one-time use perk and only comes into play for slugging. Similarly, DS comes into play for tunneling.

  • fly_172fly_172 Member Posts: 78

    Yeah no. I get that it got nerfed hard compared to what it was before, but that’s because it was dummy thicc with power, forget normal OP. I didn’t even run it out of pure sympathy for killers. It’s in a great state rn, as evidenced by plenty of people still using it and very few still complaining about it. If we went super in depth I’d say it might even need a slightly shorter stun, but that’s just nitpicking at that point. I’m really glad you play both sides, I think that’s really important and more people should do it, but DS lasts as long as it should. Any longer and it starts merging back into OP territory.

  • DrazenDrazen Member Posts: 400

    yes buff ds and give survivors shotgun to kill the killer that seems fair

  • RaidokuRaidoku Member Posts: 69

    Only killer mains says this move is fine as it is it sucks in my opinion so after being unhooked im suppose to run into the killer within 60 secs? that sounds dumb since the point of the game is avoiding the killer I should be able to heal, fix gens, and cleanse totems before it expirese should work like deliverance once your hooked its active for when you wanna use it this skill isn't OP I know for a fact everyone who says it is mains killer im rank 3 survivor no one uses that trash bag skill

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 1,519
    edited July 2019

    I mean, no. If you get unhooked, you're supposed to avoid the killer.

    This isn't a perk for 'haha, now I get to stab you', DS is for 'oh [BAD WORD], found me before i could heal, lucky i have a backup'

    Only new players think it needs a buff, regardless of what they main, and anyone who claims red ranks isn't littered with DS users is delusional.

  • ClocksoClockso Member Posts: 853

    laurie is bae, even if ds gets nerfed again she'll always be my main

  • GcarraraGcarrara Member, Mod Posts: 1,890

    I don't feel like it is not worth anymore to run it. It can save you not only from tunnelers, but also from really nasty situations, like the basement.

    It can also combo with other perks like unbreakable, deliverance and other peculiar ones like tenacity or flip-flop. 😀

  • limierrlimierr Member Posts: 174

    Personnaly the perk is always in my main build and it remains a meta perk ...

  • BoogiekingmyersBoogiekingmyers Member Posts: 41

    I agree it desperitaly needs a major buff.

    Most killer are extremly bad killers who tunnel, this would punish them for that.

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