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Should survivors just stop playing



  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    Wait, I thought complaining and posing as victims was the real game. That stupid app on my Steam called "Dead By Daylight" is just a cosmetic addition.

  • RaidokuRaidoku Member Posts: 69

    Killers have more advantages then survivors only natural to complain about that just like how poor complain the rich has too much same difference.

  • fcc2014fcc2014 Member Posts: 4,388

    The new ask is Septics, Syringes and keys to also be removed or nerfed.

  • Condorloco_26Condorloco_26 Member Posts: 1,714

    Last time I checked there were literally dozens of "Nerf Nurse/Billy/Spirit/NOED" threads too on the general discussions section of the forum.

    So maybe, just play the game. Or not.

  • yakul1nausicaayakul1nausicaa Member Posts: 111

    Everyone should play survivor and killer equally

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 4,052
    edited July 2019

    To be fair MoM and DS did need nerfed as they werent good for the game and felt like very cheap easy escapes when the killer was playing well.

    The healing nerf already went through and it did sort of backfire as now we have the "non heal meta". Horvath actually discussed it many times and the devs held off on chaning it for a long period. He mentioned a few times they wanted people to heal as it took them off gens.

    There have been a few nerfs of late.

    The PIG RBT was needed due to it countering what the EGC was designed to do which was to end the the game quicker and not to give free kills. I do think they need to look at the pigs ability for map pressure and buff her stealth and ambush capabilities to compensate for the end game change.

    Overall it was the players that adopted the Pig traps for the end game and while it was aknowledged as a good strat by design they were initially thought of as a way to slow the game down before that stage and very rarely kill.

    Ghostface's 8% change was done as it was inconsistent with how it worked which could in part have been down to connection to the host. You could stare right at him and it wouldnt work but getting a glimpse out of a window when you werent even sure where he was did. I do think he need some buffs in other departments such as his stealth and more map pressure capabilities.

    MoM well we all knew it was going to be nerfed as it affected the weaker M1 killers more. While it was overnerfed I think it needed a change quickly or it would create too much frustration when your skill or knowledge had no bearing on the outcome of it and it also had no counter play.

    DS needed changed as it was again a perk which punished someone for playing well and the survivor for playing weak with dribbling being the only counter play but then it wasted more time so they ended up slugged. with the change it actually has counter play and works for what survivors have asked for for some time. A way to help with tunnelling.

    Many people dont like some changes and instantly complain but they are needed once you take a step back and think about it. Complaints generally happen when it affects someone directly and they feel there was nothing they could do when in reality there probably was they just didnt notice what it was. Then you have the people that jump on the bandwagon.

    There have always been constant complaints about certain perks over the years.

    Survivors - Self Care, DS, Adrenaline, SB etc

    Killers - Ruin, NOED, BBQ etc

    Its just when a new perk comes about such as MoM the conversation moves to that as its the most in need of a change.

    While I think most perks are fine as they are that doesnt mean a logical change that someones think of cant make them more balanced overall.

    The devs do take feedback into consideration but they also do what they think is best for the game. They interact well with the community and explain the reasoning for changes which is a lot more than can be said for a lot of other game devs.

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  • SheldorSheldor Member Posts: 163

    LMAO...because the game is so balanced I experience survivor queue times between 1 and 3 s and killer queue times of 5-25 minutes. Hahahaha

  • Condorloco_26Condorloco_26 Member Posts: 1,714

    You perhaps live in a killer-heavy area.

    My experience is exactly the opposite. Can barely get matches as survivor. Can't even do my dailies.

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 1,571

    That's why I don't care about opinions of Survivor or Killer Mains, because their opinions make no sense and it's only whining and crying. I just respect people who have experience and play both sides, that's it.

    "Camper", "Tunneler", "Garbage Killer", "Noed Abusers" (Well, just spend more time on secondary objectives which is called a Totem): I don't care

    "Gen Rushers", Pallet Loopers?", "Adrenaline Crutchers" (even if it's an pretty strong Perk, but if the Killer manages to kill all before the last gen pops it's kinda useless): This kind of whining and crying won't respect anyone and it won't care anyone.

    I can recognize if someone has experience and knows what they're talking about and that's the only thing which I respect and support in this community, nothing else.

  • ZacKdbdZacKdbd Member Posts: 99

    4 survivors against 1 killer? Lmfao. Please just stop. You guys get a weapon to make up for that

  • darktrixdarktrix Member Posts: 1,577

    Doesn't matter if a survivor is toxic or not, killers will still kick them just the same.

  • megdonaldsmegdonalds Member Posts: 742

    That's the average stupid human, complains about everything without using any brain cells just to get attention. Because you know, doing stupid things is always easy.

  • TensorTensor Member Posts: 254

    I see I've hit a nerve with the salty killers with this one

  • TensorTensor Member Posts: 254

    One hit down hatchets. Remove them

    One hit down after intoxication. Ban it

    Fairs fair right killer mains?

  • FredKruegerFredKrueger Member Posts: 265

    Whining about survivors? Have you looked at the discussion board? At least 5 on nerfing the nurse alone, and about another 5 on noed. Lmao

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