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How to counter Nurse & Spirit

FictionalnameFictionalname Member Posts: 121
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How to counter Nurse & Spirit - for dummies


There's a variety of ways to break even the sweatiest of nurses (like I am), one very obvious one is:

-Break line of sight, now depending on maps as with all killers, you'll either have a easy way with this or you have to get creative. Doubling back helps against the unexperienced nurses, faking a direction behind a corner usually tricks experienced nurses, double faking direction and sneak away tricks the sweaty nurses which usually can be done IF you're not injured or if you run Iron Will.

-Maps, some maps are better or worse, her blinks is not only a strength but also a great weakness to exploit. For example, if you face a Nurse on The Game and you think "Rip its gonna be 4k" you're not that good of a survivor. The Game has TONS of corners for one, secondly if you're getting chased upstairs do the old walk towards her blink trick, difference why this works better on The Game than other maps is that usually nurses would simply look down to not blink far away, but when the nurse does it on The Game she will go downstairs and will have to try and guess where you went. The Temple map is another example of this, which is super frustrating atleast for me, to play on as a nurse. The Temple itself has lots of corners and annoying elevations. So in short, a map with elevations & corners and the nurse will be at a disadvantage if you know how to juke. NEVER run in a straight line against the nurse, this should be very obvious but despite that I keep meeting rank 1 survivors who do this.

-Stealth, being stealthy doesn't work by itself, you have to combine it with your jukes and faking directions. Being unpredictable is key here which mostly comes with game experience as you will get used to general directions of where survivors run when you've played Killer for a long time. So simply put, git gud already.

-Mindgame, as with all killers, being good at doing mindgames will further the chase time. With nurse you cant mindgame pallets but however windows is still doable. I don't got much to add here that's already been said above regarding jukes and LOS. Just avoid regular run around the pallet type of mindgames and youll be fine.

-Obstacles, there's a lot of obstacles that nurses even experienced ones will have a hard time to blink through, some tires that are stockpiled, concrete blocks etc. You can even use some of these as a infinite loop if the nurse is stubborn & frustrated.

Once you get a hang of all these, you'll realise the many shortcomings that a nurse and and you'll finally git gud as a survivor.

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  • FictionalnameFictionalname Member Posts: 121
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    The Spirit

    -Doubling back It shouldn't come as a surprise nowadays when spirit has been out for this long but yet I dont see enough people doing it at red ranks when I play her. When The Spirit phase walks, double back without sprinting, and remember to stay clear of obvious walking direction where she will bump into you and realise that's where you are. Whenever a survivor attempts to loop me, 8/10 times they do the old "run around this stone/pallet etc" instead, walk away from it to the next area.

    -Prayer Beads So, how does one counter prayer beads? "YOU CANT ITS OP!!". Well you can, but it's mostly with game experience as with a lot of things with similar types of games.

    For example, the spirit you face uses prayer beads and bbq, and you're on a gen. How about letting go of that gen for 5 seconds to see if shes trying to grab you? Is the spirit somewhere else? Good continue to do the gen, did she come to you? Well you just saved yourself from getting grabbed.

    Is the spirit chasing you and stops moving to phase? Well, walk to the next loop area, either she will miss you or she tried to mindgame and now you've already earned distance on her. It's quite easy unless you panic and try to loop her in an obvious direction as she phase.

    There's really not that much tactics to a Spirit other than that, if you can't loop a spirit for more than 10 seconds I got some bad news for you..

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  • paint1210paint1210 Member Posts: 95

    Just play p3 Claudette

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,482

    In general I adivse that you simply play those 2 characters yourself. You will soon realise the counters by yourself. You will see other survivors who have already adopted to those killers, unlike you, and use it against you.

  • SweetPumpkinSweetPumpkin Member Posts: 2

    Pallet loop the nurse? 🧐🤔

  • CoffengMinCoffengMin Member Posts: 862

    i use quick and quiet it really is that simple a lot of the time

  • Nea_Death_ExperienceNea_Death_Experience Member Posts: 316

    @Fictionalname while your tricks work on some I doubt they work on all nurses and while I am sure the long awaited spirit talk is going to be amazing, not all spirits will fall for these tricks. Make a youtube video and show these tips if they are worth it

  • PickCollinsPickCollins Member Posts: 495

    This. In all honesty without gutting her or reworking her there will always be complaints that she's OP. She's just that killer that everyone fills in with "man I hate..." When there isn't anything to bitch about

  • vh_vh_ Member Posts: 34
  • OmansOmans Member Posts: 424

    Always run Iron Will (best perk against both nurse and Spirit) and move in unpredictable ways when the spirit is using her power. If you take predictable paths, the chances of running into the spirit while she is using her power is much higher. A spirit who feels that collision can quickly react for a hit.

    A good spirit can't be mindgamed at loops where both the killer and survivor see each other, so hope you don't get a map like blood lodge.

  • OmansOmans Member Posts: 424

    Sorry, but all the points you said are things good survivors already know.

    If a nurse chooses to continue a chase in the VERY few parts of maps that aren't easy for her to traverse, that's her own problem. It's like if a killer spends minutes chasing someone with balanced landing in the lampkin lane houses and wondering why they lost the match. Taking a chase like that is foolish. Most parts of all maps are super advantageous to nurse, yet every nurse I meet will never break off a chase. Nurse's greatest strength is her map control.

    If a nurse is having troubles in an area of the map, that nurse should be going to literally any other area of the map where the chase is undeniably in the nurse's favor.

    But good nurse tips I guess - hope for one of like 2 or 3 maps in the whole map pool that aren't extraordinarily in favor of Nurse, and hope the Nurse is stubborn and doesn't use her greatest strength (map presence).

    As for the tips on chases - again, nothing new for experienced survivors who already do these things but die anyways because a good "sweaty" nurse has too many options available to her.

    Once you get the hang of nurse you'll realize the shortcomings many nurse mains have, and you'll realize that just because you are a red rank nurse main doesn't mean you deserve to be a red rank killer.

    Not to say these tips are "wrong," that is how you should be playing against nurse, but when the nurse is smart and good, what you do as a Survivor has little meaning.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 2,919

    Thank you for taking the time and sharing this.

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886
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    Countering Nurse and Spirit is all about juking. Spirit is actually harder to counter than Nurse, because you need to mix it up a bit more and mind game better. Nurse has some lethal problems against juking because of her stun after blink.

    Point is, you can't fight these two using looping tactics, they specifically counter looping and are strong in chase.

    So the way to beat them is to juke them then disengage.

    As someone mentioned Quick and Quiet is great against them. Iron Will is also amazing.

    And as always your mileage will vary depending on your skill, the opponent's, how well you outplay each other, and luck.

    In the end unless you're vastly superior to the killer in skill they will catch you sooner rather than later. That is how the game works.

  • KnayterKnayter Member Posts: 117
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    but for god nurse and spirit ...there is no counter

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,482

    Thats because their skill vastly surpasses your skill. A skillful person should be rewarded for their skill.

  • KnayterKnayter Member Posts: 117

    that's true, but I've seen people who is extremely good like pupper, no0b3, monto,... they all think that a god nurse is like no counterplay

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,482

    You are not supposed to 1v1 the killer. Its a 4v1. One good person should not garuntee the win for the other 3. You need a good team to beat good killers

  • DBDbuildsYTDBDbuildsYT Member Posts: 1,042

    Or you can start complaining about spirit until she will be nerfed like nurse will.

    Then you can loop every member of the cast.

    It is a valid counter, it worked for legion and nurse, I'm sure it will work for spirit too.

  • altruisticaltruistic Member Posts: 1,074

    Just hide! Just break line of sight! Walking meme.

  • OmansOmans Member Posts: 424

    ....What? Do you truly believe that a nurse getting 4k's left and right is simply better than every survivor in every game she plays? A nurse is truly over-rewarded for skillful play.

    Your second sentence is absolutely correct. The more skillful player, or the player who played better in the match should win. But your first sentence is hogwash. A nurse who 4k's does so for many reasons - one may be that the nurse is much better than survivors, but the much more common reason at top ranks is that the nurse simply has too many tools to negate whatever skill the survivors have. A game against a nurse is not a game of which side is more skillful. Sorry.

  • VampyVampy Member Posts: 67

    Best way to counter nurse is to complain on the forums until the survivor main potato BHVR employees in charge of the game nerf her.

  • DBDbuildsYTDBDbuildsYT Member Posts: 1,042

    hahah I said the same, now they have the sacred formula for nerfs!

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 17,023

    Your point being? The game is still an asymmetrical 4v1.

  • DBDbuildsYTDBDbuildsYT Member Posts: 1,042

    And that's why a killer should be able to end a chase fast because its 1/4 vs 1 really.

    Versing a killer, around your same level of skill, in 1v1 in a team game simply shows you how unbalanced dbd actually is.

    You are not a hero in this game, you are a cog and your only way out should be via team work.

    But don't worry bhvr will hold your hand because survivors are the main market target

  • vh_vh_ Member Posts: 34
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    Actually I think this is pretty sad to be happening :/

  • MegsAreEvilMegsAreEvil Member Posts: 819

    And nothing will work against a if the nurse has the same skills as yourself. Why do people still try to defend something like nurse being imbalanced in all ways? Do you even play the game?

  • FictionalnameFictionalname Member Posts: 121

    Do you even play the game or do you sit and type in the forum all days?

    If you're at equal skills it's a 50/50 chance of juking or not juking the nurse.

  • EninyaEninya Member Posts: 1,128

    I feel like Nurse is heavily a skill to skill game. Technically, the Nurse is stronger, but it ain't easy. To be honest, I prefer facing Nurse over noskillBilly.

    For Spirit, I feel like the only full counter you can use is an entire perk load out, otherwise you're really at a disadvantage if there isn't a lot of visual obstructions to juke off of.

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