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Daily ritual disappeared

Vadim239Vadim239 Member Posts: 217
edited July 2019 in Other

This happened twice already. I had two daily rituals for killers and I played survivor only, and one is gone.

I see 2 rituals in the morning. I replace one because I don't like it. I still have 2. But after one or two games, I see that there is only one. And I remember clearly that they both were for the killers. And I played survivor.

This happened twice

Just let you guys know that this bug is out there. No screenshot will prove anything, just trust me.


  • SkyBrother834SkyBrother834 Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2019

    Bug is present on PS4.

    Happened to myself and a friend, both times when changing out daily rituals.

    In my instance, old ritual was 4 hits on fully infected survivors as Plague, while new ritual, which vanished, was 180 seconds of cooperative action.

    In friend's instance, old ritual was 4 shocks as Doctor, and new ritual was 120 seconds getting chased as Ace. The new ritual vanished immediately, with no matches played in between getting the new ritual and its disappearance.

  • sniffglueesniffgluee Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2019

    Happened to me for the second time now had a ritual for being killer but I want to level up my meg so I binned it and got 180 seconds of coop action and I was happy so I went back and searched for a game then when I was in the lobby checked and I had no rituals, exactly how I remember it happening the last time this was on Xbox one

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 2,314

    Happened to me too. I thought it was the rank reset that caused it but I also swapped out a ritual I didn't want and the next time I checked one of my rituals had gone.

  • Marble_IndexMarble_Index Member Posts: 36

    This is happening for me too.

  • Spect0rrSpect0rr Member Posts: 6

    this has happened to me quite recently and frequently if I open a ritual then close the game then open the game the ritual disapears....

  • quebecgamerzquebecgamerz Member Posts: 6

    Happening for me too !

  • NosplashNosplash Member Posts: 77

    same has happened to me many times :/

  • MegsAreEvilMegsAreEvil Member Posts: 819

    Here too. First time i had two dailies, after deleting one the new one disappeared. Second time i had one, deleted it and it disappeared. That not funny regarding the already too much grinding.

  • daddydjdaddydj Member Posts: 2

    I have had a lot of daily rituals disappear and be replaced by something else. I deleted a "kill 1 survivor by your hand with the cannibal" today and it was replaced with "heal the equivalent of 3 survivors" so I played a game and used a med kit...only to find out that ritual was replaced with "successfully open 1 exit gate(s) with David King". Kind of annoying. It's happened quite a few times this past week.

  • ShadowsAngel09ShadowsAngel09 Member Posts: 4

    This keeps happening to me as well. Every time I get a new daily it’s replaced by something else. I haven’t actually been able to get a survivor daily in about a month because of this. My friends keep having the same issues too. The daily either disappears or is replaced by something else.

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