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The Next Licensed Killer!

LanternLantern Member Posts: 12

Hello! I've been curious as to what is the popular opinion on which licensed killer to add next to Dead By Daylight. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I have my own (probably niche) opinions, but I want to hear what everyone else thinks.

There's a few options that would make me so happy to see in the game.

Here's my absolute favorite choice, and it's possibly something most people haven't considered yet:

Jeepers Creepers (From the Jeepers Creepers movies, obviously). He could have some kind of *fly up in the air and dive on survivors* kind of ability maybe. Obviously not anything crazy, but maybe just like some kind of high leap that will help him get over a wall/pallet or something to end loops quickly. I also think that he, as a character, just has a lot of interesting potential for powers in general. It could possibly satisfy the fan base's desire to have a flying killer, without making it too overpowered. Although I would hope it could be used for map mobility as well, at least to an extent. 

Another couple that I've considered are Pumpkinhead, and Art The Clown from Terrifier. I do realize that would mean two clown killers in the game, but I actually have a case I could make for that. I won't make that case in this post though, for sake of this post's length. If anybody wants to hear me make that case, let me know, and I'll post it in the comments.

Either way, Jeepers Creepers is my top choice.

So what do you guys think about Jeepers Creepers being in the game? And if not Jeepers Creepers, who would you like to see next?



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