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SWF is cheating

Specifically using third party chat. Including Ps4/XBones party chat options.

It is not fair, or balanced. It is frustrating, and survivors acting toxic makes it even worse.

It's like playing with 5 extra perk slots. Full totem knowledge, always know where the killer is, full gen awareness, hatch location, etc.

It's easy mode for survivors, and it's 100% cheating. The devs have said as much in the past.

My solution.

Any chat third party software detected means no lobby for you. Bypassing this is a perma-ban.

More survivor emots for better FAIR communication.

Add an icon above survivors heads in the lobby that lets the killer know they are SWF. (The killer should have the option to avoid toxicity)

Killers get double BP for playing against SWF. This not only gives incentive for killers to play against SWF, but it makes dealing with toxic jerks a little less BS.

A 1.5 second cooldown on the crouch button to finally stop toxic teabagging.

Clicking you flashlight more than two times within 0.8 seconds breaks your flashlight. Or a 0.8 second cooldown on clicking the flashlight.



  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 5,551

    Making survivor names insvisible in the lobby would solve swf problem a little bit because randoms would not team up, but you can't stop people from playing with friends because they would give up and play civ.

  • ChickenchaserChickenchaser Member Posts: 391

    Maybe that's a good thing. Flush the toilet, and let the clean water flow in.

  • MushwinMushwin Member Posts: 4,247

    LOL!!!!!!! okay, any solo surv can message anyone, even if they don't except chat, you can send a message via friends and there you can tell people about things that is going on, sure it takes longer, but going in a locker one can do it, so isn't that cheating too? or using a mobile? that IS cheating too

  • FredKruegerFredKrueger Member Posts: 265

    Just literally had 5 matches in a row SWF, and got my ass kicked every time. Each team practically had tool boxes, BT, MOM, Adrenaline, Insta-heals,OoO, and sprint burst. Clearly they we're using mics too So, how do you counter that I guess is my question. I'm not complaining, but I would like a seriously rational explanation on how in the hell to counter that? And [bad word] your get good and play better. I'm trying with what I've got!

  • Spaceman94Spaceman94 Member Posts: 164

    Think of a better solution, you're the ones who develop the game! Killers have been complaining about SWF and party chat for months and have every right too. It is so unbalanced and anyone who tries denying it is a fool.

  • ChickenchaserChickenchaser Member Posts: 391

    Looks like voice chat isn't cheating after all. I Still think it's unfair. something should be done about it. something fair for both sides. Something Reasonable, and practical.

  • 8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 1,129

    Yeah, me and my friends like to mess around and sometime we don’t be all get away or none of us get away. I like playing this game more with friends than without.

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 3,257

    Yeah, people are always going to find ways to taunt the other side. Getting tilted by teabagging is exactly what your opponent wants you to do, so that you play worse. Just let it roll off your back, abandon the chase if you're not getting anywhere productive, and try to focus on someone else.

  • ChickenchaserChickenchaser Member Posts: 391

    The beckon emote means nothing. "come at me bro" is a lot different than "hahaha FU trash baby killer look at how good i am suck my D". Followed by a swift disconnect after you down them, or hate mail after they escape.

    I want more emots. I don't think it's too much to ask for a little forced sportsmanship.

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,529

    Honestly, the best way to counter SWF on voicecomms, is by playing strong killers, like Nurse, Spirit, Hag, Billy, etc etc. They are strong against solos, but balanced against SWF. Its sad that we cant play our favourite killer at high ranks, only because they happen to fall short on the balancing, but thats the reality we live in. Devs creating a game around limited communication, and then introducing a mode that encourages full communication.

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 3,257

    @Chickenchaser I dunno what to tell you; poor sportsmen will always find a way. Always try to remind yourself that it's not your fault they're acting like jerks, and you cannot control their actions or their attitudes. For my part, unless someone was doing some exceptionally gross facecamping or outright exploiting or something, I will at minimum drop a "gg" in chat regardless of how I performed.

    As to the really awful ones who, immediately in endgame chat, start in with all the "GG EZ EZ EZ BABY KILLER UNINSTALL TRASH" stuff... well, remember what my wife tells me: This video game is probably all those people have in life.

  • ChickenchaserChickenchaser Member Posts: 391

    That's a direct quote from a toxic survivor i've met about his thoughts on teabagging. so it's not just from my head. and i've got more examples from more toxic survivors. So it's not like it's a one time thing from one toxic survivor.

    More emotes would give you the option to use something other than a middle finger to distract the killer. Maybe a fake injury animation, or something cool. Teabagging has always been a symbol for disrespect, and toxicity in MP games. Without exception.

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