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Where to start... I have multiple gripes about what they're doing at BHVR when it comes to balancing, releasing of new content (including chapters/cosmetics), etc. I'd also like to address the Devs being lazy when it comes to content. I'll break it down for those that are too lazy to read. I'm not going to post rank/hours cause most of you big brains believe that they equate to skill level.


Huntress humming - There will be all of you saying "KILLER BUFF = GOOD THING", but is this really necessary. It doesn't even make sense from a logical standpoint. If I was in a room with my eyes closed, and someone started humming I would be able to tell directionally where it was coming from. For huntress this just makes engagements with her ridiculous. Of course there will be all of you that say "It's a video game it's not suppose to be realistic." That's a fair point, but even then it's BHVR always going for polar opposites instead of slightly adjusting things. Why not just tone down the humming radius at which you can hear it directionally so lets say she's right next to you but on the other side of a wall you're able to tell directionally where she is instead of being in her humming radius and being like "I have no idea where she is, and if I'm not constantly doing a 360 she could literally show up behind me and I'd be none the wiser." This also makes listening to footsteps even harder. Where as with a normal killer i could tell where they are by their footsteps but with the huntress I have to listen past her humming and her heartbeat.

Legion "balancing"/update - Even in Legion's prime they weren't the strongest killer at the time. They were perhaps one of the most annoying killers to deal with at the time though, and this is once again BHVR only knowing polar opposites for their changes. All they had to do was fix a few broken mechanics like moonwalking to stay out of a chase (for the deep wounds bar to go down), fixing annoying addons like frank's mix tape which encourages tunneling, and double blades which increased the mending time tremendously.There was no incentive to go around and hit everyone with deep wounds because you could just tunnel someone down and there was nothing they could do about it because they could swing/miss multiple times, as well as vault pallets and windows. Instead of focusing on the broken aspects they decided to gut Legion. There is no practical way to use Legion now because all other killers automatically out preform. After using your power and apply deep wounds it becomes useless. There is no reason to use your power again in a chase until you get someone down. Let's say you hit someone with deep wounds, and continued to chase them. You’re running a loop and throw down the pallet. Now you’re like every other M1 killer and are forced to break the pallet or go around. If you wanted to use your power to vault over it you would be faced with the stun after frenzy has ended if you wanted to get another hit, but by then the survivor has had enough time to run to another loop, and you’re further behind than you would have been if you just decided to break the pallet.

Doctor tier up volume - What is even the reason for something so useless. Doctor recently got an audio update, so whenever a survivor’s madness tiers up they receive an ear shattering audio cue. There is no reason to have this implemented because you already know you’re tiering up from the madness icon as well as your character screaming.

"Plague is a damage dealer"- Plague is one of the most useless killers. She spends half of the game puking on people to finally smack them down while they're broken even though it would be faster to just hit the survivor twice. The survivors have complete control of the flow of the game if they want to cleanse or not. The Devs could do so much with her power. Including making it so her power is actually relevant like reducing how fast a survivor works on a generator while infected or if you're infected long enough, removing a hook state. This would give incentive to actually cleanse.

I'm not even going to get into the meta killers like Billy, Nurse, and Spirit.


Broken content every update - With every new update comes new bugs. Sure coding is complicated, and new lines of code can conflict with others, but how do that equate to survivor perks being broken when a new killer is released, etc. For example, but not related, the bug that involved repairing a generator and having to let go of it right before it finishes or else you wouldn't get the blood points for doing it. Also Wake Up giving increased speed to all actions, and Vigil INCREASING exhaustion instead. And then having to wait for new content to be released before these bugs are even addressed.

No Summer Event - Summer only comes once a year so the summer event should be there to accompany it. It gives players something to look forward to besides Chapters and cosmetics.The Devs would rather "focus" on other "priorities". It doesn't take long to think up ideas for events. Half the time the Devs just recycle assets and mechanics anyway. The Devs could very easily split the team up and have people doing different things, but that's too hard.

No Incentive For Getting Rank 1 - I don't even have to try to get to red ranks because the ranking system is garbage. After rank reset I double pip after double pip just playing normally, and the only thing I get in return is playing with people with bigger egos and "sweatier" survivors/killers. Since there's no reason to being at this rank people will disconnect and throw to depip and get into lower ranks because playing against survivors/killers who are fully kitted and using purple items/addons is just needlessly stressful.

The Grind - After getting all survivors/killers to level 40 for their teachable perks there's nothing to put your time into besides getting everyone to P3. You can also dump hundreds of hours into a survivor or killer just trying to get the perk you want, but it never shows up in your blood web because it would rather give you something useless like Deja Vu, Premonition, or Unrelenting. The perk grind could easily be remedied by a mechanic that makes it so you can select perks giving them an increased chance to show up in your blood web or give more dailies/quests to do that will give you a perk or bigger blood point rewards.


I enjoy this game and have put in many hours, but as of late my expectations for new content and fixes are at an all time low. I really hope the Devs can pull themselves together and release content that isn't lack luster and disappointing, and these are/were only a few of the problems that have happened. The Art Team is doing a good job though!


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