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PTB - Cannot Connect to Online Services

I'm getting this connection error after starting the game for the PTB. Too many people trying to get into it? (Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this topic)


  • DannySanWolfDannySanWolf Member Posts: 16

    Could be traffic atm, you probably need to wait abit for the congestion to go down lol

  • SpikeImperialSpikeImperial Member Posts: 33

    stuck on loading screen 2.0.0 , cmoooooon i wana see the swimsuits

  • SpiritbxSpiritbx Member Posts: 264

    How did you download 4.5 GB in 20 minutes? Demons!

  • GrimmymoreGrimmymore Member Posts: 8

    Yeah I just wanna play FeelsBadMan

  • SpikeImperialSpikeImperial Member Posts: 33

    I guess its too crowded, if any streamers get on please make a post, I just wana see at least while the congestion calms down

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