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I need a replacement perk for Ruin

RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,969

I play Plague for the most part. Ruin never lasts more than 45 seconds in my matches, and I'm tired of running only three perks.

My build atm is Monitor, Thana, Pop, and Ruin, but again, Ruin never lasts long enough to make it worth it.


  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,104

    Maybe try surveillance and puking on gens?

  • ClogWenchClogWench Member Posts: 2,583

    Thrilling Tremors or Corrupt Intervention

  • TheGorgonTheGorgon Member Posts: 777

    Pop goes the weasel, Discordance is right next to ruin.

  • JudgementJudgement Member Posts: 955

    Discordance is only good when Survivors are not playing optimally. Two Survivors on the same generator is not half as effective as two Survivors on separate generators. At higher ranks, Discordance will be worthless.

    Discordance would be way more useful if it marked generators when multiple separate ones are being worked on at the same time, rather than the same one being worked on by two Survivors, but that would be way too powerful.

    @ op;

    Pop Goes The Weasel is a worthy replacement for Ruin after it got buffed, as it lets you wipe a quarter of the progress off a generator, and to capitalise on Survivors tapping a gen in a chase while you have the perk active. However, Pop is only as good as you are - if you can’t hook anyone, you can’t use it. Pairing it with Ruin is super good as well as you can destroy the progress they’ve made and double-down on the generator slowing, but that only lasts as long as the totem does.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 7,493


    its such an underrated perk, but it helps MASSIVELY!

  • doitagain_doitagain_ Member Posts: 722

    @Rivyn I’d say to use discordance to prevent genrush and take out monitor & abuse for something else. Because of your height you can’t really sneak up on people anyway.

    @Peasant puking on gens is already a built-in “surveillance” cause you can see if they’ve touched them. If you’re having trouble keeping track of which gens you’ve vomited on then sure.

  • CasmCasm Member Posts: 61
    edited July 2019

    Let's see. You're playing Plague and want a Ruin replacement. You're already using Pop and Thanatophobia so that's already slowing down the game a fair bit.

    My goto suggestion would be Sloppy Butcher to slow down healing and the game but since you're playing Plague, if they're healing that means they're cleansing so that's a no good either.

    Corrupt Intervention might be a good choice based on your playstyle. Locking off 3 gens for 2 minutes would make getting use out of your Pop early game far easier.

    You could also go for Infectious Fright but TBH, I'm convinced that BBQ does the job almost as well with the extra BPs, but either of those are fair choices.

    Of course anything that helps you end chases sooner are valid options. Enduring/Spirit Fury, Save the Best for Last, Brutal Strength etc.

    Lastly, when in doubt, Whispers is just an all around solid perk.

  • DehitayDehitay Member Posts: 1,723

    PGTW would be my suggestion if you weren't already using it. After Ruin and PGTW, I guess the next best perk for delaying the game would be Corrupt Intervention which has been mentioned.

    But if you're just looking for a good perk for Plague rather than one that increases game length, there's BBQ for the bonus bloodpoints which I love. Blood Warden also makes for some hilarious end game plays. Brutal Stength is good if you're constantly having to go through pallets.

    Actually, now that I think about it, does Stridor affect the volume of survivors vomitting? If so, that might have some good syngery with the Plague. I don't know whether it does or not though.

  • CronaWinsCronaWins Member Posts: 650

    BBQ is amazing on any killer.

    The aura reading combined with PGTW gives you a direction to go after a hook, plus extra BP.

    I wouldn't recommend too many perks that do the same thing.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227

    Thrilling Tremors. It's like a half-breed of BBQ and Ruin, though not quite as effective as both.

  • Maelstrom10Maelstrom10 Member Posts: 1,921

    Pgtw, and distortion (prevent gen rush) are both great S tier

    thrilling tremors, Ruin and huntress lullaby (when they work) are A tier but both totem perks are breakable and thus restricted to A.

    Corrupt intervention B tier - can be A/S if survivors are inept.

    Overcharge is c tier - Can be A/S if paired with unnerving presence and large terror radius, or against inept survivors.

    Franklins demise - against a lobby of toolboxes can completely destroy some peoples ability to gen rush without there precious speed boxes. D tier for gens but thought I'd mention it's usefulness

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,569

    Welcome to Plague. I've tried quite a few builds on her, and what I've found is that end game perks tend to work best. The gens are probably going to get done anyway against good survivors. She just struggles to down good survivors quickly due to how easily she can be looped.

    Pop Goes The Weasel is probably your best best if you want something to slow gens.

    Thanataphobia is great on paper for the Plague because survivors don't cleanse, but it only really has value at the full 16%. In that scenario, it's likely mid-game by the time all survivors are in the broken state, and they're likely tag teaming gens at that point, which mostly negates the repair speed penalty. You'll have diminishing returns on the perk by the time it reaches its full potential.

    So what's the solution? Brutal Strength, Bamboozle, Fire Up (bear with me), and a flex slot (I tend to take Blood Warden). Survivors tend to play ultra conservative at pallets when they are in the Broken state, you aren't going to get much out of Enduring/Spirit Fury against good survivors who anticipate it, and you need to get through the insane amount of safe pallets fast to do any real damage with her. Additionally, if you do happen to get Corrupt Purge, windows with long walls will be your enemy, hence Bamboozle. Survivors tend to finally cleanse late. At this point, you have 3 or 4 stacks of Fire Up and you've taken care of pallets. Now you go nuts and also have Blood Warden in your back pocket. Nobody gets gen rushed quite like the Plague in my opinion. Accept it and run an end game build.

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    Noed run Noed get them every time <3

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807


    As the plague you're kit should be about the most effective method of dealing with injured survivors possible.

    That means your #1 priority is dealing with good loopers.

    If you are taking out ruin then you don't have enough space for SF + Enduring. So instead run bamboozle so that you can stop some loops and catch them faster.

  • HorusHorus Member Posts: 850

    Thrilling tremors

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,569
    edited July 2019

    +1. Bamboozle on Plague is mandatory. Windows are the first place survivors run to dodge her vomit.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112


  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    You don't necessarily need a gen-defense perk to replace Ruin. You can also go for a perk that helps you in chases. Bamboozle is probably a good choice.

    Or try a fun endgame perk like Bloodwarden.

  • blue4zionblue4zion Member Posts: 2,422

    I'd replace it with something to help in chases like Bamboozle or Enduring. You already have two game slowing perks, and the Plague is a M1 killer when the survivors don't cleanse.

    Or, go with something to help with the endgame. I've recently been running Whipsers for that last survivor and it's been amazing.

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    NOED is worthless on Plague because of nature of her power.

  • JustJessJustJess Member Posts: 154

    Discordance is really nice

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    Infectious Fright, especially good in combo with Monitor and Abuse. You already have 2 stall perks ( Thanatophobia and Pop Goes the Weasel ), so now you need a snow ball perk and Infectious Fright is the perfect one, especially after it got buffed to trigger with Corrupt Purge.

  • RasinbranRasinbran Member Posts: 240


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