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What is going on with the Nurse



  • ArecBalrinArecBalrin Member Posts: 636

    It's a distraction and they're trying to get us to defend positions we haven't even expressed. It's classic baiting: you're provoked with blatantly outrageous claims, your position is portrayed as something different to how you expressed it but you answer because their rebuttal of it is the same as their previous replies.

    Then rather than argue with specific facts and reason, they've come out with this nonsensical 'fite me, i'll take u on m8' as if playing some KYF games mean anything.

    Reading back through the thread; they've taken nothing on-board. My OP is meant to address every typical point of argument that has been used recently in arguing for Nurse nerfs, yet they just ignore it and think all it takes is to repeat those same talking-points.

    Thaznar seems to be currently taking an enforced break, I hope they're using it to read more carefully without having the temptation to immediately start typing a reply. The 'short version' misrepresentation of my OP would not have been written if they had.

    I do not believe 'Nurse is fine'. I do not believe 'because of a bug Nurse was weakest killer'. I do not believe 'nerfing Nurse is not needed'. All Thaznar needed to do to understand what my views were, was actually read them in the OP.

    However, survivors do fail to adapt, it's just in this case there was actually some justification for it and they might not have been able to even if they realised the significance of the 1.9 changes, as I aknowledge in my post right at the end.

    That survivors do not know what they want(and the devs must stop listening to them) is another matter which I do not bring up in my OP. However, the inability of people to sustain their attention long enough to actually read what amounts to just two A4 sheets of text can reasonably argued for excluding anything they have to say from feedback.

  • ChiChi Member Posts: 774

    Horvath said on the dev stream specifically that they would only be looking at her addons. Not at her power itself. So base Nurse will be fine.

  • bknbkn Member Posts: 33

    The Nurse is the only skill-based killer, and nerfing just means hindering her and the player.

    SWF´s with voice comms can still get the gens done and escape, i dont know where people see a problem actually.

  • bknbkn Member Posts: 33

    Being SWF with voice comms is the best thing survivor can put on the table.

    Being a good Nurse is the best thing a killer can bring on the table.

    When the best thing a killer can bring on the table cant compete with SWF´s anymore there is a problem.

    And being a good Nurse requires more than downloading teamspeak.

  • bknbkn Member Posts: 33

    And when the Nurse is nerfed to fit solo survivors, how you compete against SWF´s, (which is the majority of the playerbase) in higher ranks?

  • bknbkn Member Posts: 33
    edited July 2019

    The thing is, this game offers a solo role and a team role... when you are solo, its your problem if you play the team role... when you have no friends like me, play the goddamn Nurse (or Trapper) yourself and stop complaining :)

  • bknbkn Member Posts: 33

    its like playing counterstrike with a f... gamepad, asking for mouse and keyboard players to get a artificial disadvantage to stay competititve.

    You play solo survivor? Dont complain...

  • DrDeepwoundDrDeepwound Member Posts: 829

    And Peanits said on this forum they will be changing her base kit "slightly"

  • altruisticaltruistic Member Posts: 1,070

    False. It's already been shown time and time again. Fake news.

  • altruisticaltruistic Member Posts: 1,070
  • DrDeepwoundDrDeepwound Member Posts: 829
    edited July 2019

    LOL devs have posted stats showing it is over 50% and they have posted stats showing it at 70% of all matches is SWF.

    Sure, 50-70 % is "not as common as you think"

    too funny when even the devs stats prove you wrong. Here's my advice, do a test, comb each lobby and see who is in SWF, youll see at least 50% of your matches contain them, usually more than 50%

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611

    I was writing a long and convoluted reply but your posts are generally so trolly here I'm not gonna bother

  • Tzeentchling9Tzeentchling9 Member Posts: 1,796

    The number of people who didn't actually read the OP and just keep parroting the points covered in it is quite telling.

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611

    I mean, what OP is implying is pretty false. Things definitely don't need to change in any game to be perceived as too powerful over time. That's just not the nature of games like DBD.

  • bknbkn Member Posts: 33

    It doesnt matter if everybody or nobody plays SWF. You balance games around the highest possible potential, everything else ends up in an artificial mess like DbD is right now.

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611

    Here's the thing.

    I've said this before. Nurse won't be butchered. There is NO WAY her kit is anything below "absurdly strong" unless if they rework her from the ground up.

    The only meaningful changes will be to her add-ons, which are overkill, even against SWF, if the Nurse player is at the highest level. A small nerf to her base kit, which probably won't happen anyway (they said "slight changes", it will probably be something to accomodate the new add-ons) will NOT put her below SWF in balance most likely. Thus balancing Nurse around the highest level, even the current highest level for survivors, is probably either power neutral or slight nerf-worthy.

    Then you can just buff the other killers and buff solo survivor.

    Secondarily, there is no way to nerf SWF meaningfully without 1. altering core mechanics, which will mess up EVERYTHING ELSE or 2. make SWF-specific changes, which will also mess up everything else because their code is disgustingly intertwined.

  • bknbkn Member Posts: 33
    edited July 2019

    We don´t know the changes yet, all we know is that the devs tend to not play their own game.

    You arguments are based around "IF´s"...

    How many Nurse players can actually perform that well to compete against 4 SWF´s with voice comm, meta perks and toolboxes? Lets say 5% of all Nurse players which would be like 1% of the playerbase? And i said compete...

    Yep, nerfs are definitely needed here.

    I am not asking for SWF nerfs, because there is the Nurse as she is right now to deal with that.

    Some people are playing solo in a rank 20 team and get butchered by a decent nurse and immediately screaming for nerfs, thats the problem.

  • KaoMinervaKaoMinerva Member Posts: 451

    I mean bro it's not hard. I rarely play nurse and yesterday survivors were literally trying to loop me. Yes, loop me. I 4K them all and I was using a pad. Nurse stats are inflated at high rank because of potatoes.

  • CoffengMinCoffengMin Member Posts: 835
    edited July 2019

    in defense of 5: survivors might have gotten worse but so did killers, ruin and bbq made their job so much easier i feel most cant play without them

    not to mention all the nerfs to survivors when there were a lot of killers who didnt really have a big problem most the time

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