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Unreal Engine killer Red Stain through walls fix

SnapshotSnapshot Member Posts: 753

I investigated the issue that the killer's red stain is visible through walls (which gives survivors a unfair advantage in mindgames). It appears to me it is a problem mostly seen only on low graphics settings and that is the reason most survivors play on Low to get this advantage.

I cannot see any reason our beloved dev team has not fixed it for so long (I have to admit that recently they understand their game far better and also try to balance for high ranks, which is a great achievement in recent DBD history, starting with more "unsafe" pallets on reworked maps).

Now you have to understand that the killer's red stain is a dynamic light source in UE. Thus, without enabling shadow casting additionally, it will shine through walls (which is the big problem).

So I guess that in low settings they disable most shadow casting and due to this fact in shadow calculation pass, engine does not detect occluding objects and renders light effects on surfaces outside occluding meshes.

This problem was already mentioned in other threads and forum posts but sadly no attention whatsoever 😕

So I am asking if the shine through is intentional or by mistake ? If you have any questions or do not understand / cannot reproduce / are not willing to investigate without further information, please ask!

I can already imagine survivor comments 🙄


  • DrDeepwoundDrDeepwound Member Posts: 251
    edited July 2019

    The red glow is not even needed, it is the one killer disadvantage that allows them to constantly be looped.

    Which is why moonwalking and Beast of prey works so well, without red light survivors go down.

    Putting red light on front of killer is clear suvivor bias and not a necessary game design feature, it only exists to keep killers at a disadvantage, just like 1st person view vs 3rd person. They want you constantly with less POV.

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