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New Chapter: Blazing Passion

ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 271

Killer: The Inferno

Terror Radius: 32 meters

Height: Tall

Speed: 4.4 m/s

Weapon: Fire Axe

Primary Ability: Molotov

The Inferno lobs a fireball that spreads into a circle with a 5 meter diameter onto the ground. The flames stay active for 10 seconds.Any survivor that steps into the fire will be suffer from the Ablaze status effect. If a survivor is hit directly with a fireball, the time until taking damage from ablaze is 15 seconds instead of 30. The Inferno can store 2 molotovs at a time, and generates a new one every 15 seconds.

Passive: Fire Trail

Wherever the inferno walks, his feet set the ground ablaze. These flames stay active for 4 seconds. Any survivor that passes through the flames is inflicted with ablaze.

Ablaze Explained:

When a survivor is inflicted with ablaze, their body becomes covered in fire. If this fire is not put out in 30 seconds, they will take damage. Survivors will continue to be ablaze after taking damage, unless they are put into the dying state. If a survivor already afflicted with ablaze steps into fire, the time until they take damage is reduced by 10 seconds. There are three ways survivors can cure the ablaze status effect. The first is to stand still and pat themselves out for 10 seconds. The second is to perform a tumble roll, which is automatically performed upon a fast vault, as long as the survivor is not exhausted. Performing a tumble roll will make survivors exhausted for 30 seconds. The third way is the be put into the dying state.


Spite: You become obsessed with one survivor. Every time you hit your obsession you gain a token, up to a maximum of 2/4/6 Whenever you damage a generator, generator regression is increased by 5% per token. If your obsession dies you lose all your tokens.

Safeguarding: Whenever a survivor is unhooked, you see both survivors auras for 3/4/5 seconds, as long as you are 48 meters away from the hook. Both survivors see your aura for 3 seconds.

Nerves: After escaping from a chase, survivor skill check success zones are reduced by 25%/30%/35% for 30 seconds.

New Survivor: Kiera Partout


Nationality: French

Playstyle: Kiera is a high-risk high-reward objective based survivor

Kiera always had a love and appreciation for music. Her mother played the keyboard, and her father played the bass, and both wanted to pass on their musical talent onto their daughter. She started learning to play the piano at a young age, and branched onto other instruments from there. By the time she was in college, she had experience with enough instruments to become a one person band if she wanted.

Kiera became bored with playing songs other artists wrote, and while she was in college she began taking classes on music theory. Using the skills she got in that class, she began composing in her free time. She showed off her work to her friends, and they all unanimously agreed that she had what it takes to become a famous musician. She sought out a publisher, and started publishing music under the stage name lueur chromatique, as an electronic artist.

After gaining a sizable following, she dropped out of college to start working on her music full time. She started recruiting instrumentalists so she could perform live and go on tours. Kiera had finally made it, she had made a name for herself as a musician. She still needed to get used to working for a publisher. Her publisher had noticed her immediate success and began pushing her harder and harder, giving her strict deadlines. She began to get increasingly frustrated and decided to take a hiatus in order to calm down. She planned a vacation to Hawaii, and booked a private flight as soon as possible. She boarded the plane, looking forward to a chance to relax and find new inspiration, but the plane never landed.


Urgency: You are familiar with tight deadlines. When within the killer’s terror radius, repair speed is increased by 10%/20%/30%.

Perfectionist: You have a hard time starting tasks, but are great at maintaining them. Every time you perform a great skill check, you gain a token, up to a maximum of 3/4/5. For every token you have, great skill check success zones are increased by 5%. However, your repair/healing/sabotaging speed is slightly reduced. Performing a good skill check consumes a token. Failing a skill check consumes all tokens.

Memorization: You keen memory helps you keep track of your surroundings. The last 1/1/2 generators you have interacted with will have their auras revealed to you for 45/60/90 seconds.


  • BigDaymoBigDaymo Member Posts: 19

    Really cool chapter!

    The Killer sounds like a more powerful clown, but I like that as clown is a bit weak right now and the extra details regarding the power would add some more tactics to the clown playstyle.

    I would say "spite" is a little underpowered, maybe slightly increase the numbers

    "nerves" is also a little weak

    I would remove the all token penalty from "perfectionist"

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