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Have you ever gotten 32k bp as a Survivor?

vh_vh_ Member Posts: 33

I mean... is it even possible?

I was wondering, because lately I've getting the dumbest teammates ever and it's getting almost impossible getting 10k+ bp per trial :P


  • CakeDutyCakeDuty Member Posts: 352

    Yesterday I was so close. I got 31.800 bloodpoints, only lacking 200 from the survival category.

    Was got 4 safe unhooks, a couple heals, got chased for long + did totems and did 2 coop gens + a gate. I also had Deliverence and got to use DS on the killer cause he tunneled me. Woke Up a couple times cause killer was Freddy and I escaped.

    It's really tough and requires you to run specific perks but it is possible. I'm just waiting for the upcoming survival point score changes.

  • vh_vh_ Member Posts: 33

    Omg that's so close!!

    And will there be a survival point score change? I didn't know there was something planned already.

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    Survival score makes it near impossible, but Objectives can be hard too if your team is playing smart (meaning: you work on separate generators). And also, if you genrush , you'll probably only have a high Objectives or a high Boldness score, but not both.

  • GorgoniaGorgonia Member Posts: 1,097

    Max I got was 31.7k and it was due to a killer that wanted to farm xD

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,037


    Had several survivors in my matches that got around 30k+ (can't remember if there was one with 32), if I had let them farm, because it was a 1v1/2v1 from the start on.

    Sometimes you have just matches were only a 1 survivor joins the match, or early dcing guys. That there then the farm rounds for me. Still they have make fun and the survivor were usually grateful after the match^^.

  • SairekSairek Member Posts: 4,376

    I got it once, thanks to DS, Deliverance, it being a Legion for the mending survival points, having Self Care, and escaping.

    (The Legion was farming).

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 1,217

    I got it once when playing with a farming Pig

  • No_Cluie_LouisNo_Cluie_Louis Member Posts: 1,080

    It's stupid how hard it is

  • GuertenaGuertena Member Posts: 313

    i think yes but the killer was farming

  • SpitfireOrMichinaSpitfireOrMichina Member Posts: 197

    yeah 1 time every years

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 2,447

    Due to how the survival category works it will be pretty difficult to do unless you're actively farming with the Killer they can give you more opportunities to get survival points

  • VenomoriginalVenomoriginal Member Posts: 9
    edited July 2019

    Yes. 3 times against Doctor and once against Trapper.

    I doubt it is possible vs other killers unless they are farming.

  • MantaManta Member Posts: 117

    Been playing since Summer 2017, and nope never

  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 3,154

    I am sure I did a long time ago, I just don't remember when or how

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 4,976

    Hm lately no. I think i got it once when i got the Perfect Escape Achievement but other than that....

  • Incurable_BOFAIncurable_BOFA Member Posts: 85

    Someone mentioned it a while ago but survivors should be rewarded a certain amount of points in the survival category every 30 seconds they stay fully healed in the match, survival is really hard to fill up unless you're farming it with the killer.

  • Ember_HunterEmber_Hunter Member Posts: 1,693
    edited July 2019

    Highest was 31000 exactly... only way is to get hooked twice to struggle phase, have hatch closed, open both exits, and escape. Also do self care a couple of times. That seems to be the only way.

  • NeonAlienNeonAlien Member Posts: 266

    Yeah, but only in a long farming session with a bot killer. Selfcaring 100 times to finally max out survival. Fun. But in a regular match, no. The survival category just does not have enough sources to get points from.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 248

    Nope, Survival score makes it almost impossible right now.

  • premiumRICEpremiumRICE Member Posts: 613

    Yes, legit 3 or 4 times.

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