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Hooks and (why type this..)

As a survivor Claudette main and a killer Spirit main, I always find it how to say 'childish' when you see the killer next to you and insidious camp you.

Like when I'm playing killer I'm fair and fun to play but if I see a toxic SWF, i have to go full sweaty to make sure they learn a lesson on not to be like this to killers that want a fun match, I dont camp like a leather face (Sorry leather face mains).

But when I'm playing survivor a support team player, I usually not get saved when I helo my team. They do help only when i either get to struggle or when the killer is not around which their potatos just taking their times. And when the killer camps my team mates I always use Boworred time which is good. But when I get the save..The killer slugs, which is a for a reason a 'Skill tactic' only when you want a 4k and lv. Up.

But when the killer camp I usually get pretty upset, and the Devs thought, "Oh let's just decrease their chances in getting an emblem in chaser" Yeah how helpful.. Why cant they just pause the hook progression when a killer is a 20 meter radius of the hook or like near 15 maybe seems fair. Or slow it down maybe?

I'm just wanting a fair game for both sides I mean, survivor(s) are blaming killers and killers are blaming survivor(s) what is the point I mean. I'm typing my *** off just talking about this cause I care for a even match.

I'm stuck in rank 15-13 in survivor because of camping killers and it ain't easy getting emblems and exp. To rank up when the killer camps you for an entire 3-2 minutes.

Killer is fine to rank up as long as you just play a bit fair.

I dont know why I'm typing this, I just want them to pause hook progression on hook that's all peace.

(My hands hurt...)



  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 3,361

    They already tried a similar change on the PTB and apparently, Survivors abused the hell out of it.

  • OnionthingOnionthing Member Posts: 469

    With the hook progression idea non hooked survivors could hang out by the hook, loop by the hook, keep their buddy alive indefinitely (in theory) and then you would need even less survivors to do gens. Meta would be 1 bait, 1 looper and 2 gen rushers ... GG EZ

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 7,294

    I think the easy solution is to do one of two things:

    1. Reward Killers
    2. Punish Killers

    Number 1 is my personal favorite, just give killers a reward for leaving the hook. Maybe they get a 5% speed bonus when further than 32 meters from the hook? It could be anything, and killers would love to go after multiple survivors! :)

    Number 2 is quite simple, we could just increase the total hook time by 60 seconds. This means 1:30 in both the Summoning and Struggle phase, which can allow survivors more time to gen-blitzkrieg the killer.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,114

    PTB #1 - September 2016

    The first Public Test Build took place between 20-23 September 2016 in preparation for Patch 1.1.2.

    The main changes the Developers intended to test with this build:

    • improved Matchmaking
    • new mechanic:
      • slowed-down the Entity progression on the Hook if the Killer remained within a certain proximity of it.

    It was their first attempt to create and implement an anti-camping mechanic. Since the new Mechanic got abused too heavily by Survivors purposefully kiting the Killer around their hooked team mate, the Developers disabled the Mechanic again.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,065
    edited July 2019

    @Raptorrotas What I'm wondering is why they didn't simply make the effect nullified if a survivor was in range of the hooked survivor. I wouldn't think that'd be a problem.

  • martin27martin27 Member Posts: 696

    Survivor play has been awful lately and makes camping profitable since they'll blindly run in.

  • TheIdeaMind2000TheIdeaMind2000 Member Posts: 39

    Okay for most of you right now, I am a console player so I don't really know about the PTB builds so yeah

  • TheIdeaMind2000TheIdeaMind2000 Member Posts: 39

    I did not know that and I feel very upset even wanting it back in the game, but what if it only slowed down when killers aren't in chase idk I just seem kinda glad they didnt add it but I dont know...why

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,114

    my previous post was straight from the wiki.

    they didnt implement a "Killer in chase" exception because they simply didnt think it necessary back then.

    Survivors turned into potatoes. THEY think too altrustic: "We are a team and must ALL get out" , its worse on "bad" swf while "good" swfs ignore the guy on the hook.

    Survivors being too altruistic or too greedy for the 1500 unhook points are the reasons that camping works.

  • TheIdeaMind2000TheIdeaMind2000 Member Posts: 39

    Who knows man, people these days are kinda off since the game release a few months later and when DLCs was first introduced

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 1,811

    IMO the best way to 'deal' with camping is to reward Survivors for Killer proximity to the hook instead of 'punishing' the Killer.

    After all, (as this thread has pointed out) there are a few situations where a Killer should 'camp' the hook if they're trying to play efficiently. Punishing them is nonsensical because they're just doing the smart thing.

    'Toxic' Killers who camp to ruin Survivors' experiences won't care about being punished. They're playing solely to ruin the other person's day and no punishment will make them stop as long as they can ruin someone else's game.

    The obvious solution to me is to simply give the hooked Survivor bloodpoints and points toward pipping while the Killer is within a certain radius of the hook for distracting the Killer.

    If the Survivor is unhooked, downed shortly after, and rebooked you could give them all the points they would have gotten had they simply remained on the hook until the next hook state.

    The pip points would only be enough to black pip and the bloodpoints wouldn't be super crazy either. It wouldn't be "the new way to farm" it'd just be a way to encourage Survivors to stay on the hook and get camped to help buy their teammates time as well as a way to help make it less annoying for solo Survivors to be camped, tunneled, or farmed off the hook.

  • IAmSam8508IAmSam8508 Member Posts: 2

    There should be a perk when it's at tier one it should be when a killer is in a 10 meter radius it increases the time for you to stay on hook so it's like a counter strike to monstrous shrine kind of so tier 1 would be 15 meters tier 2 is 20 meters and tier 3 would be 32 meters

  • nancyt1428nancyt1428 Member Posts: 56

    There is a bloodpoint punishment in play right now for camping killers. It came out this spring and is still in place.

    Also, the original post up top said you "hello" your teammates whenever you're on the hook? Does that mean you fake attempt and thus -- flail your arms? Because that is actually the universal signal in this game that the killer is camping so stay away. Maybe that's why you're not being rescued.

  • ThasardThasard Member Posts: 241

    I didn't bother reading all the comments 😂 but I think it would be a great fix that if a killer is X distance from the hook that the hook time slows, but if a survivor is X distance from the hook that hook time speeds up. If you as a survivor want to camp until the killer goes, you should be just as punished if the killer proxy camps.

    And I truly think the only way to guarantee your self an unhook is to at least survive with one friend. Survivors these days are so selfish, so unless you want to use the Adam perk to pull yourself after saving someone, this is the reality we're living in.

  • s0cial_outc4sts0cial_outc4st Member Posts: 59

    I'm on Xbox and it seems to be the universal signal for "killer is gone come get me".

  • foochill1foochill1 Member Posts: 109

    Cant it just be fixed by lets say after you hook the survivor their progression on the hook will be slowed until you enter another chase???

  • GrabesGrabes Member Posts: 11

    This is a conversation that will never be solved. it basically just boils down to the fact that you got found, downed and that's how the killer plays.

    The reason why they play way doesn't matter, and the fact that you don't like it doesn't matter either. No one is entitled to anything in this game besides a bug free and full group experience, that is it. The line stops there.

    Some killers don't care about points, or survivor fun. Some survivor's don't care about points or killer fun. That's why you get so many Bad Manners actions. What the community labels as toxic.

    Your playing a 1 vs 4 game - 'fairness' has different meaning to all five of those people. You either need to accept that sometimes you die on first hook, or just stop playing. On the flip side you need to accept that you might not get a kill at all, that's just the way the game goes.

    Sooner you get over that and just look to yourself for your enjoyment; if that is personal improvement, doing everything you can to trigger someone else, is your choice. Just play the game and put the blood points in the web to get the things you want. That's the whole story. The end, finale.

  • Jugbox5499Jugbox5499 Member Posts: 8

    Why not both if the Killer hook camps then slow slow down the hook time. And if he leaves reward it. Plus it puts pressure on the survivors amping the game up

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 1,873

    No reason that same change couldn't be added with the caveat that if a survivor is running them around within range that it wouldn't do this.

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 1,873

    There is no universal signal that killers are camping. Some may do it, but certainly not as many as you think.

  • DaS_onlyDaS_only Member Posts: 656

    It didn't got abused, it was just simply wrong implemented. They forgot to make an exception: when survivors are withing x radius, the timer goes normal.

    Same like the proximity penalty in the emblems.

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,510

    "As a killer, I play fair".

    Stop doing that. Stop following made up rules. Play your game, just as they play theirs. If it's not cheating, its allowed. When YOU stop following made up rules because of some code of honor, you'll stop expecting others to do the same.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 3,361

    No. Survivor's will become immersed. How about instead of punishing Killers, you reward them for not camping. With a super altruistic team, it makes total sense to stick around.

  • foochill1foochill1 Member Posts: 109

    Survivors will become immersed? So what they still have objectives to complete, your reply was just str8 dumb

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 3,361

    Yep, you think they won't abuse the hell out of it? If there is something a Killer or Survivor can abuse, they absolutely will. Try giving the Killers a bonus if they don't camp. What do you think of that?

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 3,666
  • BeerboDrankinsBeerboDrankins Member Posts: 5

    I've had the easiest solution. Kindred kicks in after the 10 second grace period before the killer loses points unless they have insidious. Once you learn they have insidious its pretty easy not to fall for it again. You can only cater so much on both sides. Yeah being camped sucks but if that's what the killer does and the other team mates don't take advantage of that time to do gens then that's on them. I've played this game way more than long enough to just take the fact that I am being camped. I get more pissed when my team just sits crouched around me doing nothing at all as opposed to getting the objective done.

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