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[Idea] Reworking Survival Bloodpoint Score

Hey! I wasn't sure if this belonged here or under Balance or Wishlist. If you're a mod feel free to move it if this isn't the right place.

So we all know that Survival is almost impossible to max out unless you're farming or run specific perks (Deliverence, Head On and DS). The devs had an idea to reward people for how long they stayed alive in a match but they thought their idea could be abused or something. I have an idea for a rework that gives you plenty of points for staying alive and escaping.


Nerf bloodpoints for escaping to 4k

Add a survival score event every time a gen pops. This score event will reward you 500 survival points for being alive when the gen pops.

With my idea you get 4k for escaping and 2.5k for doing all gens. That's 6.5k total. This gives you 1.500bp you have to earn through, healing yourself, struggling on hook, waking up, mending, snapping out of it etc. Some of these events (Waking Up, and Mending) only give you 100bp for doing, maybe buff those to give 200bp like Snapping Out of It does or 400bp like getting a beartrap off of your head.

So you get awarded plenty of survival points by progressing the match while not getting everything handed to you.


  • RaidokuRaidoku Member Posts: 69

    na there should not be a cap to points obtained because a game can last 30 mins I want points for each second im in the game or why be there if I did the max I could get 15 mins ago but still gotta spend another 10 mins playing thumbs down.

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