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PC players are toxic

RaidokuRaidoku Member Posts: 69

Most of you PC players are toxic and opinions don't mean much tbh if anyone asks a question or any survivor complains about anything all you do is jump down their mouths saying "no its fine how it is" or the "your not good" response literally just check any of the forums here just toxic feedback even to new players its really sad. Survivors cant ask for more without getting bashed and if they whine about a killer buff and lack or lack of survivor perks buff the pc community is in an uproar. Truth of the matter is really simple most of you are KILLER mains and don't want your easy slay streak to be interrupted. My point is easily proven most ppl who stream this game play as killer NOOB3, MONTO. But there are not many survivor streamers so everyone wants to copy their videos and try to replicate their feelings or actions of the game towards players its easy to kill hard to survive. The community needs to be less toxic towards people who don't have the same opinions about the game, gameplay, mechanics, and overall objective of the game its not hard to say you don't like something don't bash another player for their opinion and this forum is literally full of toxic people who need to just relax and accept the game isn't perfect its really flawed on both ends of the stick.


  • Ember_HunterEmber_Hunter Member Posts: 1,693
    edited July 2019

    Bold move to assume all of us are toxic and the same, and that all of us are killer mains. It is true there are people who say "bait thread" when new people ask for help, but there are plenty of people who actually try to answer questions respectfully.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 3,655

    Toxic OP makes post about Toxicity - Community chuckles...

    More at 11, Jane.

  • RaidokuRaidoku Member Posts: 69

    point proven toxic :D

  • SenzuDuckSenzuDuck Member Posts: 5,068

    You have a very broad definition of toxic if you think people pointing out that you're toxic, is toxic.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 11,515

    On the part about streamers...

    You know how boring those Survivor streams are?

    The best you can get out of it is with friends and not doing repairs at all.

    Nobody likes watching others hold M1 and do the occassional SPACE.

    Killers are constantly on the move, plus you can make devious setups like Trapper, Hag, Devour Hope, Cannibal, Huntress long-shots, making for an entertaining watch all around.

  • Raven87Raven87 Member Posts: 36

    killer job require real skills and daptive ability..survivor job is easy..and right now with the rank exploit more of survivors also abd can get to rank 1 in few hours by playing with friend low rank and getting killers rank 20...best skilled streamers play killer for this reason..people figured out big looper survivor streamer(not doing names) play on alt against rank 20 killers or use the rank exploit with friends.

  • Ember_HunterEmber_Hunter Member Posts: 1,693

    So I guess it was toxic to reply to this thread? What a paradox.


    Doesn't Noob3 almost always play survivor? I know for sure that Monto mixes it up a lot

  • Ember_HunterEmber_Hunter Member Posts: 1,693

    He occasionally does killer for his streams and for his toxic (not really except for mori and some of the addons) videos. Favorite content creator, I like his energy and edits :)

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,425
    edited July 2019


    You blame in your postings killers and on the same time, you rant about that killers blame survivors. I can understand how you have came up with that mindset, but on this way, it didn't work.

    Would I still be playing, I would answer game releated questions as example, if the question sounds not passive-aggressive or even worse.

    Also my gamestyl was mostly imo not toxic.

    However, here in the forums... I really don't like to go here to deep into the topics if I feel me not forced to it, because after my experience, the survivors here are very entitled (not all, but still enough) and well... Why should I waste 30min+ writing an tutorial, or searching helpful links for someone, if the only thing I get back from the survivor is something like "I don't like to read it", or also a link from their favorite YouTuber that said, that the linkes videos from me are impossible (a thing that is crazy, since... would it be impossible, no one could make those videos but mkaeyyy....)?

    To survivors in the game I had try to be so helpful as possible, as long as they were polite/friendly (what they were mostly), but here in the forums... It's feeled just a waste of time, so hard that maybe sounds.

  • CoffengMinCoffengMin Member Posts: 862

    arent we all, even the console players?

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