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bc is fine so shut up not fair perks are noed/strike

jiyeonleejiyeonlee Member Posts: 211
edited July 2018 in General Discussions

when i expect bc i tea bag some and ignore everything until they come close to me

and when they come use sprint to start looping them

commonly all walkers and huntress give up to get me

only causing problem with bc is nurse

can't loop it, if nurse have highly skilled

also it faster than anything in this game so nurse is no answer to deal with at firstplace

but even worse with bc and noed

and after pallet patch survivors can't even block one blink from pallet using

even without ruin and bc nurse goes higher than 10rank easy way lots of purple nurse don't have ruin or bc

if they nerf nurse and noed/strike perks and buff other killers

game will be gold

especially nurse only users noob at this game even rank1 nurse i met always suck at other killers and survivors,

don't even try to talk me if you re one faction user or not a metter of time to go rank 1 or in rank 1 commonly

please, usa official dbd competition was soooo low ranked level

and even worse after this game famous recently so if you re not rank 1 even in this condition ha...don't speak about "balance"

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