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how to loop : basics

prettyfprettyf Member Posts: 442

1 don't be a potato

remind map and find shortest course for next loopable position

than if you get hit still can reach next structure at least

2 always eyes on the killer

some dumb killers try to backstep anywhere, because people like you get hit by that

don't drop the pallet for free just see what killers do than you can react more peacefully

3 don't drop pallets everytime unless killer is bulldozer

especially huntress, they mostly greedy wind up first time when they encountered looping position

even you don't having balls still you have to ballsy play to longer the lifespan of pallets

killer might flinch if you stop front of pallet and they will do whatever they can do

huntress might wind up and saw killers starting saw if they guessing you are one of potatos

but you are not, you can stop very short of time and go one more circle to confuse killer

i recommand don't stop at all vs huntress because they mostly pre-wind up before they can see if they are noobish or when they think you are potato

4 make killer longest distance in chase

windows are very great source to make distance because its free and rechargeable

killer have much slower vaulting speed unless its nurse or myers level3 with bamboozle

what you have to do is basically save pallets and utilize them before 2gens left

so don't do stand and drop pallets for free like mon...potatos

each time you do that its same as giving killer a free hit but just do it when you only can do

because phase time is matter for all, even if you noobish player still benefit down late as possible

but if you did 50second of chase and already used all pallets in the game, thats hard to tell


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