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Few things would make this game an amazing game... Noed and adrenaline nerf first!

lunaticlifterlunaticlifter Member Posts: 426
edited July 2019 in General Discussions

We all hate noed, we know why devs won't change it, because of how quick gens are going, so surivor are more worried about doing the secondary objective, but you know, playing with randoms, wasting time doing totems can kill your teammates.

Adrenaline, so against good survivors, it's easy that all gens will be completed, also many survivors don't heal to rush the gens, they are not worried about healing thanks to adrenaline.

*so first my ideas is remove the instadown for noed, increase movement speed by 7% (just like hope) reduced cooldown from missed and succesful attacks by 30%.

*for adrenaline just remove the free instaheal, instaunbreakable, just keep the sprint burst 150% for 5 seconds when all gens are completed.

we may also need a second main objective, while reducing the time for a generator to be completed(you know m1 simulator is boring sometimes)

*decisive for me is fine right now, maybe only reducing the time from 60 to 45 seconds, will be better, but not a must(you know sometimes you don't tunnel but you still get ds'ed)


*nurse is getting a rework addons so for me is fine, for her base maybe just add a more fatigue and darker screen, like current legion (legion is 4 seconds fatigue , nurse would be 4 seconds for two blinks, 5 seconds two blink + hit) and increase her movement speed from 96 to 105 % like t1 mikey

*billy instachainsaw gotta go, it's broken, combined with other perks(like bamboozle or spirit fury)

*bamboozle just remove the entity blocker, make it works like brutal strenght, increase vault speed by 25%

*thana for each survivors injured, speed action penalty by 10-14-18-22%(we need consistent perks to slow down the game, not ruin or sloppy, this also counters adrenaline survivors who rush gens)

*spirit remove prayer beads

*Legion decrease fatigue time from 4 to 3 seconds, bring back the old vault and increase frenzy movement speed, and he is fine.

So for the last.. the most important thing.. you know, even if we get all these things fixed, we can't play your game if the matchmaking is broken :)

sincerely, a guy who play too much your game both sides(or at least played)



  • KsoniKsoni Member Posts: 607

    I don't use noed so its whatever for me, adrenaline is too good atm so it defenitely needs a change at least, bamboozle is fine, billy is fine, legion need some tweaks to ff (i agree with those changed mentioned above), Thana only turns gen repeair red so it needs at least 6% instead 4. One thimg i would add is uselles perks reworks. Like monstrous shrine.

  • TurboTestosteroneTurboTestosterone Member Posts: 56

    Nerf noed and all the viable killers and random killer perks. Good one. 5 seconds is way too long for nurse btw, all you have to do is count rn to figure that out. This post just seems stubborn and ignorant.

  • Ember_HunterEmber_Hunter Member Posts: 1,693

    Adrenaline rewards you for completing the objective, it does not need nerfs. NOED just do totems, though I personally wish it somehow rewards the killer of good play.

  • lunaticlifterlunaticlifter Member Posts: 426
    edited July 2019

    @Sneaky_Dwight @Onionthing i guess you all hate noed if you meet a spirit or nurse who run it no? i don't hate it but is defintely not fine, same as adrenaline. it's not about genrush, becuase even if you don't rush you are not always in the conditions to do the totems. swf is another thing

    @Ksoni billy is fine i agree, bamboozle,instachainsaw, ruin billys are not :)

  • OnionthingOnionthing Member Posts: 469
    edited July 2019

    Im one of those Spirits who run NOED.

    When I play survivor, NOED is never an issue, because I do bones.

    I do bones, because I know when I play killer, I use NOED.

    see how this works?

    So no .. i still dont Hate NOED

  • lunaticlifterlunaticlifter Member Posts: 426

    @TurboTestosterone maybe you are the ignorant, if the devs give killers like legion 4 seconds fatigue, i think it's not a big deal i we give 5 to nurse 2 blinks + hit, while increasing BY 9% HER WALKING MOVEMeNT SPEED. More counterplay, more rooms to escape a chase. While as the nurse you need to be perfect. fair

    @Ember_Hunter well imho it would be fine, if it wasn't that in some games, especially against full good swf squad with meta perks, you see gens done in 5 minutes...you still get rewarded, if you are in a chase you don't get down. i know noed has counter, ''just cleanse totem 4head''..just like '' oh just run at the nurse''. i'm not butthurt or anything like that, my games are usually fine, i enjoy play both sides, but there are some things that for me are defintely unbalanced, only a blind person(or survivor main / killer main) would say otherwise

  • lunaticlifterlunaticlifter Member Posts: 426

    @TurboTestosterone Also i'll tell you another thing. I'm a nurse main :) the nerfs are not even nerfs if you know how to play these killers, because, nurse base, would be just like before, you only get punished more if you miss. As for billy, the same, base would be the same, but instachainsaw add ons are broken and braindead to use.. Bamboozle for me is fine, on almost every killer, unlucky at rank 1 i often see instachainsaw bamboozle billy, you usually have no room for counterplay and that's why i hate both. As for the spirit if you still want prayer beads in the game, i don't have to answer anymore

  • OGlilSPOOK20OGlilSPOOK20 Member Posts: 716

    Uhhh, to alot of this... No.

    Noed isn't really a problem, but in my opinion I get a little tilted at killers that have one shot built-in that uses it.

    Okay, so the whole survivors not healing themselves and doing gens fast because of adrenaline thing in my eyes is so stupid.

    Like a year ago killers complained that Selfcare was bs and broken because a survivor can just heal themself, while others were working on gens. Devs heard them loud and clear and decided to nerf the perk and now here we are today with survivors not healing and using adrenaline. Killers now want that perk nerfed.

    The point here is that killers are contradicting themselves. They wanted survivors to waste their teammates time to heal them. If Survivors aren't healing, then they should be easier to catch then right? I don't understand some killers that want adrenaline nerfed to begin with... It's a perk that doesn't activate until all gens are done. Meanwhile when a survivor complains about Noed they tell them to git gud or just break all the totems.

    If killers want survivors to respect Noed, then killers should respect adrenaline. At the end of the day does having adrenaline really matter when you're running Noed anyway?

    Billy isn't really as op as people make him out to be. Does he sometimes get bs chainsaws off..... Yes! But in my opinion that's not enough to remove his instadown. It's more about using the environment against Billy so he can't use his power and force him to M1 you. If they were to every nerf Billy one day, it will most likely be his base movement speed. They'll have to turn him from a 115% movement speed killer to 110% because of his mobility. (Which makes sense, because Nurse has high mobility but a low movement speed.)

    Legion's fatigue change is fine and the the speed of Frenzy is kind of balanced. But I think a lot of people missed the point of why they made Legion's vault slower. It was because Legion would vault the window fast and survivors would pull a U-turn and vault back over the pallets or windows. So they did that so Legion would stop that. A good build for Legion would be Thanathpobia, Ruin, STBFL & Bbq or Sloppy.

    Prayer beads should just be an Ultra Rare add-on that should be harder to find on the bloodweb.

    Bamboozle... No, it's fine.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    Self-Care wasn't nerfed in a way that dealt with the real issue. Like so many other things, it was a band-aid that didn't address the problem.

  • TurboTestosteroneTurboTestosterone Member Posts: 56

    @lunaticlifter sprint burst and balanced landing would be detrimental. If you blink to gain distance you'll be punished with a long fatigue, walking is too slow. You blink twice hit a survivor they use there burst and get to a place to use balanced landing, they use it and you can't catch them because walking is too slow and blinking wont help at all unless you give her add ons to reduce it but you'll absolutely need those. I think the problem is you can't close the distance at all unless i'm missing something. But yeah, prayer beads are bs we can agree on that.

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 3,145

    Copy paste: For NoED, add a totem counter, or just use game sense.

    Adrenaline is fine.

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 3,145

    A totem counter would help bridge the gap between solos and SWF. SWF already have this information, why not give it to solos?

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428

    Imagine complaining about Bamboozle. Lol.

  • NeonAlienNeonAlien Member Posts: 321

    Yeah, let's just make the trials as generic, inoffensive and uneventful as possible.

    Besides, adren is also meta because healing takes so damn long after the requested nerf (with sloppy it's getting really ridiculous, especially with selfcare). I too started to equip adren or bond more often, and rather rush the last gen than healing for ages. You want the meta nerfed, you gotta have a good(!) alternative. Because I sure as hell don't wanna go against 22% thana and sloppy.

  • DevourOfSaltDevourOfSalt Member Posts: 254

    Did you really just say add more fatigue to nurse? umm yh no thanks go away nurse is fine.

    (better not touch her base power or movement iv just gotten descent with her on console)

    As for NOED i never run as killer. And i dont even have adrenaline on any survivor but meg so🤔

    All this discussion seems to be crying over the viable killers also u said nerf bamboozle ######### lol you cant be serious

    Bye Felicia

    get out, get lost, go away, thank you,

    dont come back again😎

  • drkiwiedrkiwie Member Posts: 56

    Those things seem fine to me tbh it kind of just sounds like those changes would take a lot of flavor out of the game

  • 8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 1,129

    If you don’t like NOED Do the dull totems, if you hate adrenaline bring NOED. Is that so simple now or what?

  • CronaWinsCronaWins Member Posts: 650

    From an experienced players stand point, with over 2k hours playing both killer and survivor, no.

    Both are in good spots and don't need to be touched.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,366

    "oh no thanatophobia plus sloppy butcher counter Selfcare if thanatophobia manages to reach full power" I love that argumentation. The Selfcare penalty to healing is more than both killer perks combined (with thana at full power btw).

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    Let's convince BHVR to stop selling the game. That way, no fresh players come to complain about NOED every day.

  • lunaticlifterlunaticlifter Member Posts: 426
    edited July 2019

    Too many killer- survivor main with no real argumentation here, i got only 2 good points of view from these comments.. @NeonAlien either way you buff thana or nerf adrenaline, just because generators go way too fast with the current meta, especially an entire swf running it, it's just not fine. @OGlilSPOOK20 Still i'm not complaining about bamboozle or billy, i'm complaining about reduced charge time addons AKA INSTACHAINSAW combined togheter are more unfun to go against than the old legion. For the nurse? only a nurse main with no common sense would argue about fatigue, survivors has almost no counterplay, the devs want to add more counters? there you go, fatigue cooldwon and increased walking movement speed. Noed counters adrenaline it's truth, but both are not fine, if we play solo, noed is not fine, if survivors play swf adrenaline is not fine. that's it.

  • NeonAlienNeonAlien Member Posts: 321

    I'd be okay with buffing thanas numbers, if it would not affect healing actions. It could discourage or slow down mindless gen rushing a bit.

  • OMagic_ManOOMagic_ManO Member Posts: 3,278

    S t o p .

  • lunaticlifterlunaticlifter Member Posts: 426

    @TurboTestosterone i don't know, the thing now is that is too easy for nurse to down survivors in 15 seconds, adding more fatigue while increasing movement speed, may help a lot balancing the nurse(i know it also may becomes more frustrating if you miss).This is my opinion, of course i can't say for sure if don't try.

  • TurboTestosteroneTurboTestosterone Member Posts: 56

    @lunaticlifter but the thing is 96 and 105 movement speed is essentially the same thing, useless. She's still gonna have to blink to travel and the fatigue will make her go no where especially when chasing a survivor. 110 speed might be better then she can chase really close survivors she caught off guard without threat of losing them from fatigue duration. Idk i just really think the nurse is fine as is. To each their own opinion.

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,408

    If you take the insta-heal effect off adrenaline, you might as well take the perk out the game completely because Hope gives you a speed boost for 2 whole minutes after the last gen is done. There would be no point in running adrenaline at that point

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,397

    I seen NoEd and it needing changed, same as Adren and the first thing I thought of is the survivor rule book and claudette saying "Ain't nobody got time for dat"

  • DamarusDamarus Member Posts: 562


    Hmmm... I would make it so killers who have instadowns at their disposal (Myers, Billy, Ghostface, Leatherface) cannot, by any means, get NOED in their loadout.

    Chainsaw killers would need a cooldown to be able to use their chainsaw again, so they cannot spam it cluelessly. They either go for survivors and hit/miss or destroy pallets, then they have to wait a longer time than just a mere 0.5 sec.

    NOED could be reworked into having other effects, or stay as it is, with the addition of a cleansed/active totems counter on the HUD of every survivor. And no, it wouldn't be a direct killer nerf. And even if it happens to be a nerf, whatever. Survivors keep getting nerfed patch after patch, time to make the tables right. Even now that EVERY SINGLE KILLER uses NOED, most survivors just don't give a fawkes about totems. Adrenaline could also be reworked into giving you the chance to heal other survivors much faster when exit gates are powered.

    Bamboozle is fine as it is.

    Plague desperately needs some more movement speed.

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