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when and how did you found out about the game and what did you find appealing in survivor?

grayon444grayon444 Member Posts: 754

I first found out about the game through some game dev's friends yt channel.I still remember the thumbnail of the vid even.I can't really remember but i think it was titled 'Dead by daylight Beta first impressions!'.I watched trough the whole vid and i didn't really think of this game as anything else.As i started to research about it i got more, more and even more interested than before about the game!It wasn't until mid summer 2016 that i bought the game.The mix of emotions when i first got into my very first match was amazing.At first i just kept looking around Blood Lodge's messed up atmosphere with the unnaturally long trees, wrecked cars and torn apart shack.I was playing Meg and got to my first gen ever with another Meg.I then failed a skillcheck which led to my first even chase with Evan (The trapper).I was crapping my pants as he was chasing me and me not knowing what i was doing at the time the panic took over me and wasted 4 pallets within probably 10 seconds.He never landed a hit on me lucky for me i turned around a corner to find my hero!A red locker.I got into it as fast as possible and that ended my chase.The killer was searching for me so bad that he wasted most of his time on me.Everything went quiet for a bit and was still in that locker until i heard a loud 'BEEEP'.Those were the exit gates being powered on.I left the locker and walked to the direction of the gate.In the distance i was the killer again patrolling around the area and after some time he gave up and went away.As soon as he was out of my line of sight i ran to open the gates and got out.


  • iBetClaudetteiBetClaudette Member Posts: 299

    I got this game free last year from the Playstation store. I started as Feng Min and four months later I switched to Claudette for her self care perk. At first, this game scared the crap out of me. Working on a gen and hearing the thumping heartbeat approaching got my adrenaline flowing. Although I've had my fair share of frustrating moments (disconnects and lags) I'm still addicted to this game.

  • LawrenceGordonLawrenceGordon Member Posts: 77

    I found it through Payday 2.

    I play survivor because it's easier than playing killer.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188
    edited July 2019

    I found out about the game through Achievement hunter. I found the Huntress to just be something I wanted to play... and my first game was a perfect 4k. Then again, I watched them for the mechanics and tactics, so I may have had a leg up in that case...

    Note: around this time, the clown had just released/was just around the corner.

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    I was looking for L4D 3, thought it may happen, that's when I ran into the trailer of Bill's paragraph. Started looking up DBD gameplay videos, I watched a HUGE number of them. Dat360NoScope first, because I generally hate commentaries, just wanna see the gameplay, and his vids are great. Then I found Panda, and he's so bloody hilarious, so I finally bought the game about 2018 April or May.

    As for survivor, I always played killer more, because it's more of a challenge, and frankly, murdering people is just pure joy. Only lately started playing a lot of survivor, simply because I have less downtime, and with the past year's improvements, now it's a little more balanced: survivor is not as easy as it used to be, which is great.

    Plus, there is Diversion. The single best survivor perk in the game, second to none.

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