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Core issue: Time

Everyone complains. Survivors will say killers are op. Killers will say survivors are op. Then both sides will argue their points and dispute it until the end of time; demanding that killers shouldn't camp tunnel and slug or that survivors shouldn't be able to loop for eternity. The fact is, both sides have valid points in the argument and changes have been made to prove this. Although, in it's current state, Dead by Daylight is the most balanced as it's ever been, the main issue with the game still remains: Time.

How is it that one side is given the opportunity to completely WASTE time yet still win, while the other is pressed for each second, because wasting one of them (even unintentionally) could instantly cost them the entire game? Either an increase to the amount of time it takes for the survivors to complete their objective or an addition to the game giving them more tasks to fulfill before being able to exit would be a step to help the killers from being in dire need of time. Without getting into specifics of each side or their perks, is it too much to ask for a balance around time to make this game less stressful for both parties?


  • shyguyyshyguyy Member Posts: 84

    Explain how increasing the amount of time a game takes is going to make the game less stressful for "both parties."

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