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Speed Bug

deni111BGdeni111BG Member Posts: 5

I do not have the best computes and it lags sometimes and what happend was [BAD WORD] gamebraking

Platform: PC

Description of the issue: Infinite Speed Glitch

Steps to reproduce (if possible):so me and my friend were playing SWF,We were against a billy he hit me whit his hammer and at the same time my game lagged for like a frame or two and you know that when the killer hits you u have a speed boost for like 3 sec well becouse of those 2 frames that my game froze on I got infinite speed boost for the rest of the game

How often does this occur: Once



  • deni111BGdeni111BG Member Posts: 5

    Btw sorry for my english it is not my main language

  • VoxyldVoxyld Member Posts: 17

    Just had the same bug, saw too late and ended up creating another topic . The killer reported me , I came clean on the forum and never intended to abuse this, so now I just hope the devs won't ban me X(

  • lailing2000lailing2000 Member Posts: 1

    Just had the same bug.

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