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Chapter Concept: The Shallow Graves

BigDaymoBigDaymo Member Posts: 19
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Chapter: Shallow Graves (Feedback welcome and appreciated!)

Killer: The Husk

Joseph Tombes was born in a small, sleepy town in rural Wales. As he grew up, he became inseparable from his younger brother William. The two shared everything together and helped with each other’s problems.

Tragedy struck one night however, when the body of a teenage boy was found, brutally murdered. William was dead, and this destroyed Joseph and his family with grief. For the rest of Josephs teenage years, life began to slip by.

Joseph’s grieving soon turned to depression, and his grades and career prospects dwindled. Joseph visited his brothers grave every day, wishing that his brother would return. He scraped a living doing odd jobs around his small town, unable to escape the bitter emptiness left by his brothers passing. One day, he was offered a job digging graves in the local cemetery. Joseph reluctantly accepted. The days and months dragged on, as grave after grave was dug and each person was buried.

One night, Joseph was called to dig a fresh grave urgently. He set out near midnight with his trusty shovel and a battered old lamp. Just as his job neared completion, a loud creak followed by muffled laughing echoed throughout the cemetery. Joseph, still grasping his shovel, crept quietly around to observe the commotion. Three figures stumbled hauntingly among the headstones. They were not zombies or apparitions, but drunk and stupid teenagers. Joseph watched from a distance as the trio skulked around, whilst mumbling and chuckling between them. However, Joseph’s mind began to rage when of the teens slumped against one particular headstone, before puking all over the carefully etched marble. Joseph seethed, as they had defiled his brother Williams grave. The memories of his brother’s murder flooded back to the surface and Joseph was filled with a concoction of dangerous emotions, with vengeance prevailing.

Joseph suddenly awoke in a splatter of blood with the three teenagers dead around him, each sporting vicious blunt force wounds. He retrieved his blood-soaked shovel and extended the grave he had been digging previously. Joseph dumped the corpses in the hole and fled. As he exited the cemetery, a thick fog shrouded him, the world around him warped and changed.

Joseph found himself in a new land, far from his calm rural home yet oddly familiar. A strange voice whispered in his head, claiming that he had enemies here that must be destroyed, although these survivors were not to be buried, but sacrificed. Joseph took off, wielding his shovel, hunting for the unlucky souls trapped in this realm with him.


Hex: Rising Weakness. The entity crippled the survivors as they make progress, turning their success against them. Every time 33% gen progression is achieved you gain one token (ie. 3 tokens for a full generator). For each token, survivor action speed and area reading range are decreased by 4% and 3 metres respectively. You can have a maximum of 6/7/8 tokens. This perk only lights up a dull totem once at least 4 tokens have been acquired (ie, similar to NOED in regards to cleansing dull totems).

Retribution – You’ve learned to give as good as you get in a confrontation. Every second time you are stunned, all survivors except the one which stunned you are also stunned for 2/3/4 seconds


Proficient Hunter – You are an expert at tracking your fleeing prey. One Survivor is your obsession. Your obsession now leaves precise footprints instead of scratch marks. All other survivors leave scratch marks for 1/2/3 seconds after running, even when crouched or walking. After you sacrifice the obsession, all scratch marks last 1 second less.



Weapon: Dirty Shovel

A shovel used to dig graves. A thick wooden handle and fierce metal head, a serious hit from this shovel could do significant damage to anyone.

Power: Haunted Tombstones [Details in square brackets are affected by add-ons]

·      [3] coffins and [3] fresh graves spawn on the map. The killer can see the auras of these.

·      When at a coffin, the killer can tap the coffin lid to Harvest the buried soul inside. Each coffin has a [two minute] recharge time.

·      The killer can send a Harvested soul to any location through an overhead map (think Jason’s teleport map from the Friday 13th game)  which pops up when a soul is activated (the map doesn’t show survivors)

·      An activated soul travels at 115% movement speed to the location, appears to be the killer himself and has a terror radius (this could

put pressure on survivors by faking going to a generator or totem)

·      Activated Souls will disappear after standing at their chosen destination for [15] seconds, and only [one] Soul can be active at once

·      Digging up a fresh grave applies “Haunted dirt” to the Killer’s main weapon.

·      With Haunted Dirt, The Killer can carry out a hallowed strike (an attack which does not injure the survivor, does not grant a speed boost, but has 40% better range and 30% faster recovery than a normal attack). Using hallowed strike uses up the Haunted Dirt which must be reapplied at a fresh grave (graves are unlimited use)

·      A successful Hallowed Strike applies the “Dizzy” status effect, which gradually increases [sway] on the survivor’s controls and [slightly] spins their camera. The Dizzy status effect goes away when in the dying state or when you are out of a chase for 30 seconds.

·      Hallowed Strike does not contribute to any hit related perks, such as Mettle of Man or Save The Best For Last.




->Rotting Coffin- Slightly decreases the Buried Soul Cooldown                          

 ->Damp Mud- Slightly increases Soul Harvest/Grave dig speed                                

->Cheap Flowers- Slightly increases Soul Deploy speed and duration                    

->Cobble Headstone- Slightly increases effects of the Dizzy status effect


->Sturdy Coffin- Moderately decreases Buried Soul Cooldown

->Compact Mud- Moderately increases Soul Harvest/Grave dig speed

->Fancy bouquet– Moderately increases Soul Deploy speed and duration

->Chiselled Headstone- Moderately increases effects of the Dizzy status effect


->Marble Headstone- Considerably increases effects of the Dizzy status effect

->Expensive Coffin- Considerably decreases Buried Soul Cooldown

  4 Fresh Graves and 4 Coffins spawn on the Map                 

  ->Well-kept Grave- Two Souls may be active at once

Moderately increases Buried Soul Cooldown

Very Rare;

->Golden Headstone- Moderately increases effects of the Dizzy status effect

Survivors enter the broken status for 120 seconds after losing the Dizzy status effect

->Battered Lamp- Moderately decreases buried Soup cool down

Moderately increases Soul Harvest/Grave dig speed  

Considerably increases Soul Deploy speed and duration


-> Private Tomb- Survivors within 20 metres of a Deployed Soul have their auras revealed to the Killer and suffer from the exposed status effect (this lingers for 25 seconds after leaving the Soul terror radius)

-> Vomit Covered Grave- Two Souls may be active at once

The Killer can teleport to Deployed Souls

 Considerably increases Soul Deploy duration

Additional Information

·      115% movement speed

·      Normal attack range and speed

·      Normal terror radius

·      Killer difficulty: Intermediate (I designed this killer to be able to confuse and mindgame survivors by putting pressure on areas of the map, with a secondary ability to help decrease survivor loop efficiency)

Appearance and Animations


·      The Husk wears a large, grey overcoat and dirty grey jeans. He wears a hood drawn over his face, and his face is shadowed by the hood. He also wears thick black boots covered in dry muck. His eyes glow yellow, and he is tall and lean (like Wraith without the noodle legs)

·      After a successful hit, The Husk grips the shovel in one hand upside down, and taps the shovel head on the ground twice before flipping it around again

·      The Husks’ Memento Mori: The Husk smacks the survivor in the back with the shovel. The survivor tries to crawl away, but The Husk finishes them with a heavy swing to the head. He then leans down, retrieves a small headstone from the magical void in which all video game characters store things, then places it at the survivor’s head. The headstone has the name of the survivor engraved (eg. Meg or Jake, not the username)




Survivor: Justin Verne

Justin was a very extroverted child, quickly becoming the centre of attention in school. He was something of a class clown, constantly getting in trouble by rebelling against authority. By the time he left school, Justin was already involved in petty street crime. After a series of arrests for minor crimes, Justin decided to turn his life around.

Employed at a local gym, things were looking up for Justin. He made friends with some of the other workers. One night, Justin and three of his new friends set out to bar for drinks. Justin, the designated driver, watched as his friends fell deep into a drunken stupor. Justin returned from a brief toilet break to find his three colleagues gone. He rushed to his car to find the drunken fools. He patrolled his small town for a few hours, as the calm evening shifted to a murky black sky. Just as he neared giving up, Justin spotted a trail of sick and spilled alcohol leading towards a graveyard.

 A chilling terror overtook Justin as he exited his car and began his exploration of the spooky cemetery. Justin crept between the rows of graves, until a series of haunting screams rang out. Terrified, Justin peeked from around the corner of a large headstone. A tall figure, wrapped in a large grey overcoat stood above his three friends. The figure raised his shovel and struck one of his friends. Again and again, this monster beat his dying friends with the shovel, until their twitching, broken bodies stopped moving. Justin broke into a sprint, dashing desperately towards the exit. He clambered into his car, shaking with fear as he attempted to start the engine. Before he could drive to safety however, a thick dark fog enveloped the car. The charcoal coloured mist flooded the engine. A booming, grumbling sound announced the arrival of a fearsome, spider-like tendril which tore through the windscreen. Justin’s head began to spin before he collapsed, slumped against the wheel.

Justin awoke in a dense woodland. Surrounding the entire area was a high stone and fence wall, encasing this strange realm. A bloody hook swung from a post nearby, and in the distance the heavy footstep of powerful killer rang out.




Overconfidence – Your cocky attitude motivates you in potentially dangerous situations. When you are within 16/20/24 metres of the Killer and within the Killer’s terror radius (so doesn’t work against Killer’s using stealth), gain a 12/14/16% increase in action speed.

Bad Impression – You are a constant thorn in the Killer’s side. When you are hit by the Killer’s basic attack, their successful attack animation is 20% longer. The Killer also suffers a 45/55/65% penalty to grabbing and hooking speeds on you. However, you are sacrificed on the hook 30/25/20% faster. Increases your chance of being the obsession.

Primary Challenger – You draw attention to yourself to save your allies. When you have been in chases for 45 seconds overall, this perk activates. When you press {insert button} within the Killer’s terror radius, you commit a Taunt which reveals your aura for 8 seconds and slows your movement speed by 5%. This grants all other survivors a 7% movement speed bonus and 25% altruism action speed bonus for 40 seconds. Taunting the Killer in a trial grants a (non-stackable) 50/75/100% bonus to Bloodpoints in the Boldness Category. To Taunt again, you must re-fulfil the chase requirement.

Map: Haunted Cemetery (Macmillan Estate)

This map is a variation of the Macmillan Estate, with similar looking grass and trees. The map is contains various rows of graves, with stretches of large stone graves above ground to act as walls. The basement can spawn in either the killer shack or a squat stone mausoleum.

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  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96
    edited August 2019

    Killer's Power is pretty neat, seems pretty good for first hit but not so much in chase.

     Hex: Energized Threat – New meta for anyone who doesn't want to run Hex: Ruin. Also seems like upgrade to Enduring

    Retribution – Stun time from pallets is 2 seconds so this would just be pretty silly. Especially with Enduring+ Spirit Fury 

    Proficient Hunter – Seems just like an upgraded Predator


    Overconfidence – Seems reasonable, might just be an upgrade/sidegrade to Spine Chill

    Bad Impression – I like this one.

    Primary Challenger – Also like this one.

  • KerbertKerbert Member Posts: 415
    edited August 2019

    Nice idea, though I have a problem with the perks. Hex Energized Threat shouldn't be a Hex. A max of 12% MS, 36% lunge, and 60% stun recovery isn't strong enough to be a hex. I'd also like to addt that hexes inflict curses upon survivors, not buffs to the killer. Overconfidence is basically an OP Spine Chill. Bad Impression is just, well, bad. It gives absolutely no downside for using it and makes it even easier to bully the killer.

  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96
    edited August 2019

    Maybe have Bad Impression also exposes you? Seems somewhat reasonable for giving everyone a much easier escape. Would like to mention that 45 secs is a long time to be in chase without either losing them or getting caught. Or does it add up over time?

  • BigDaymoBigDaymo Member Posts: 19

    I’ve made some changes according to comments!

    ->The Hex is largely reworked and renamed, I think the new one is a lot better

    ->Retribution has been toned down to be less obnoxious

    ->Bad Impression has seen some changes to make it less annoying to the killer, with a small penalty to the survivor for running it

    ->Slightly changes the wording of Primary Challenger to make it clearer (the 45 second charge up is cumulative)

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