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Fun (and somewhat viable) new Legion build!

Hey guys! Today, I’ve been toying around with a certain build, and lemme tell ya, it’s something else. This new build, dubbed, the Speed Build for Legion, allows you to perform your actions much faster in a very weird, but fun, way!

Perks: Bamboozle, Fire It Up, Brutal Strength, and either Agitation or Save The Best.

Add-ons: Any add-ons consisting of Cooldown and Mending are viable, but you can also run two rulers to keep the speed-times going. Iridescent Button also works beautifully with this build.

How it works: Bamboozle and Fire It Up, while either not intentional or stated, DOES affect Legion’s vault speed on pallets. Running Brutal is just for situations where vaulting isn’t needed (such as Killer Shack against a injured/deep wounded Survivor) and the last two are just for the extra s p e e d factor in the build.

How to execute it: Only activate Feral Frenzy when near grouped survivors. Do NOT use it against individual Survivors that you know you won’t be able to compete against. (Knowing when to pick your battles makes Legion’s FF more skillful, rather than abusive like in the older days) Vaulting pallets now becomes reliable with Bamboozle and Fire, allowing you to receive the original vault speeds Legion had to get quick and easy stabs. Bamboozle can also help with chases outside of FF by just shortening the time it would take you vault, say, the Killer Shack window by a whole lot, and the blockage of it makes life easier!


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